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v13Eater of Worlds
Npc 13
(Not Full Size)
Type Monster ­
HP Head: 65 Heart

Body Segment: 150 Heart
Tail: 220 Heart

Attack Head: 40

Body Segment: 15
Tail: 10

Defense Head: 0

Body Segment: 2
Tail: 4

Spawn Time Sun Moon Charm Icon (Anytime)


Spawn Area Corruption
Summoned By Destruction of 3 Shadow Orbs

Worm Food

3 SilverCoin Small ? 100%
Each Section Drops:
(50% Chance of each)

2-5 Demonite Ore
1-2 Shadow Scales

On Defeat:

5-15 Lesser Healing Potion
(Random #) Shadow Scale
20-60 Demonite Ore
(100% Chance for all three)

The Eater of Worlds is one of the three pre-Hard Mode bosses, it is similar in behavior to the Devourer, but has a lot more health and many more segments. It also splits into smaller worms as it takes damage. It appears to be made out of multiple Eaters of Souls that are linked to each other. If you destroy a segment that is neither head or tail, The Eater of Worlds splits at the spot that was destroyed and each half will continue fighting. However, upon splitting damage to each part remains; therefore, trying to maximize damage equally across the entire body will result in the most rapid kill.


The Eater of Worlds is either summoned in The Corruption with Worm Food or by destroying three Shadow Orbs. Either method may be repeated. Since patch 1.0.5, the Eater of Worlds can only be fought in the Corruption. Attempting to leave the Corruption will cause the Eater of Worlds to flee in a few seconds. There need to be at least 500 Ebonstone Blocks nearby in order to be considered inside a valid Corruption area.

Weapons Analysis

  • Vilethorn: This weapon does only 8 damage (7 to the body segments), but it's here due to how it can hit enemies multiple times per attack, so this damage can really add up fast. Moreover, this weapon passes through solid blocks, so it can damage the Eater of Worlds even when it's underground. It uses up 12 mana per use though, so you should consider using a different weapon if your max mana is low. The Magic Power Potion will increase the power of this weapon by 20% for 2 minutes.
Terraria Eater of Worlds Massacred

The Eater of Worlds decided to "swim" horizontally along one of the rows of wooden platforms of this arena, which placed it in a good position to get massacred by a player with a bow and Unholy Arrows.

  • Harpoon: Very effective in short range against the Eater of Worlds. It does 25 damage and can fire almost as fast as the Minishark in close range Thus making it a very effective weapon against the Eater of Worlds.
  • Ball O' Hurt: A neat little trick that you can do with this weapon, since patch 1.0.6 came out, is that you can toss the ball out, keep it held out by holding down the left mouse button, and it'll damage enemies, even when the ball is not moving around. If the Eater of Worlds passes through this, then whatever segments touch this will take continuous damage, which will add up even quicker than what a Vilethorn can dish out.
  • Bow with Unholy Arrows: A Gold Bow with Unholy Arrows will do about 19 damage, while a Demon Bow with Unholy Arrows will do about 22 damage. The best time to use this weapon effectively is when the Eater of Worlds is swimming horizontally along the ground (as seen in the picture to the right), allowing you to damage not only the head, but quite a few segments as well. Archery Potions can be used to increase the damage done by 20%.


Terraria Corruption Arena

This boss arena was built in the middle of a corrupted area. It was dug underground so that the Eater of Worlds could have some ground to move around in.

Since this boss can only be fought in the Corruption, your arena will need to either be located in the Corruption, or be made out of enough Dirt Blocks covered with corrupted grass and/or Ebonstone Blocks (500 blocks should do the trick) for the game to determine that it lies within a valid corrupted area. The arena doesn't have to be very big (around 75 blocks is a nice width), though it should have a roughly flat surface at the bottom, and at least 2 rows of wooden platforms for avoiding the Eater of Worlds should it decide to swim along the surface of the bottom floor, or one of the rows of wooden platforms. If you'd like, you can dig some holes beneath your arena (and to the sides and above it if it was built underground) to more easily spot the Eater of Worlds before it attacks.


Eater of Worlds on corrupt battlefield.

If you built your arena above ground, then you may have to deal with it becoming tangled up more often, as the boss doesn't have much earth to swim around in. However, if you built your arena partially or even fully underground, then the boss shouldn't tangle up as much, and can easily be set up for a quick kill (as mentioned before), though you will have to keep an eye on every side of your screen, as the boss can burst from the walls, or (if deep enough underground) even the ceiling.


  • From patch 1.0.5 and onwards, the Eater of Worlds would flee after a while if the player wasn't in a corrupt area. Until patch 1.0.6, the player would get the message "Eater of Worlds was defeated.", but now the message says "Eater of Worlds flees."
  • This boss could possibly be a reference to the "Eater Of Worlds" from Stephen King's novel "Night Shift" from the first short story "Jerusalem's Lot".


  • There is a bug where there can be 2, 3, or even more eater of worlds out at once if you use worm bait, then break 3 or more shadow orbs (3, 6 , 9, etc). Although, when you die, all but one of the eaters go away.
  • A few players have come across a bug where they defeated the Eater of Worlds after they took away most of his body parts but then died. The players got all the items and coins he supposedly dropped though. Most of the claims could be confusion however, as defeated segments do drop some loot (including Demonite Ore and Shadow Scales) as the battle goes on.
  • Another rare bug is that the boss will spawn as only a single segment, and nothing else. It will function the same as normal, just very ineffective at killing anyone.
  • A Possible Bug may be that, when building over the Corruption, the boss will be summoned, as if displeased with the bridge, leading to much confusion and claims of griefing.
  • One very specific bug may happen if the Eater of Worlds is fought in the Underground Jungle. Some of its segments may get "chained/fused" with a Man Eater and stand still.
  • Another bug is that the boss will be summoned on world creation (i.e. Make a world then enter it). This is most likely caused by deafeating a boss and then immediatley creating the new world.
  • Sometimes when a Meteorite landed and you exit the world and enter it the boss will be summoned.
  • Another possible bug is when you've cut the Eater of Worlds into several segments and one kills you, that worm will disappear but the others will continue to fight (needs confirmation).

Update Info


  • Now says "Eater of Worlds flees" when outside of corruption.


  • No longer drops Shadow Armor and will flee if outside of corruption.


  • Introduced.


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