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v61Ebonstone Block
Item 61
Type Block
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 999
Found In Corruption
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Demonite Brick
Ebonstone Brick
The Ebonstone Block is a type of block that comprises Chasms. It can only be mined with the Nightmare Pickaxe or better. Dynamite and Bombs will blow it up. Purification Powder will turn it into regular Stone blocks, while Holy Water will turn it into Pearlstone.


  • Placing a sufficient amount of Ebonstone Blocks (it can range from as much as 5 to 50 or more) causes the Eater of Souls to spawn, so it is not advised as a normal building material. The more blocks placed, the greater chance that one will spawn.
  • Placing more than 50 Ebonstone Blocks near to NPC housing may result in the housing being "not suitable" and the disappearance of NPC banners in the houses until removed.
  • Although it appears in the Corruption, Ebonstone will not spread Corruption (As of 1.1, this however is only true prior to defeating the Wall of Flesh boss. Once the Wall of Flesh has been slain, Hard Mode will activate and the corruption will spread faster, Ebonstone becoming infectious and spreading to other blocks).

Ways to mine Ebonstone without Nightmare Pickaxe or Greater

  • Use Purification powder bought from the Dryad to change Ebonstone to Stone and mine it with Copper Pickaxe or greater.
  • Use dynamite or bombs from the Demolitionist to blow up the Ebonstone.


There is a bug that causes the Ebonstone to have blue lines parallel to each other when in water.

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Update Info


  • Stack increased from 250 to 999


  • Once in Hardmode, Ebonstone can now spread Corruption


  • Introduced.


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