The Electrosphere Launcher is a weapon dropped by the Martian Saucer. It shoots any type of rocket from the player's inventory to create a medium sized electric sphere, which lingers for a few seconds, damaging enemies that come in contact with it. This weapon is very similar to the Inferno Fork in style. The electric spheres this weapon creates can damage enemies through walls, but the projectile that summons them cannot. This weapon is classified as a rocket weapon for purposes of Shroomite Armor.


  • The Electrosphere Launcher cannot destroy tiles with Rocket II and Rocket IV. Also, the size of the explosion is the same, regardless of the rocket used. The damage does scale however, making Rocket III the best choice for nearly all purposes.
  • Players cannot harm themselves with the Electrosphere Launcher or it's projectiles.
  • Projectiles will explode either at the point which was clicked, or the first enemy or block the rocket comes into contact with. (Whichever occurs first.)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.