The Elf Melter is a weapon that is an upgraded version of Flamethrower. It shoots a continuous spray of fire that deals damage to anything in its path. The Elf Melter uses Gel as ammunition.

Since it tends to use ammunition quickly, it is a good idea to produce a bulk amount of ammo by using Slime traps or a Gel Generator. One click will fire five jets of flame and these jets are slightly longer than Flamethrower's. The Elf Melter also emits light when fired, but the blaze has a limited range, so the light doesn't shine very far.


  • Unlike the name suggests, this weapon does not have an increased effect on Elves.
  • Has longer range than the Flamethrower.
  • Like the Flamethrower, the Elf Melter does not function underwater.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.