A Family is a group of monsters that are extremely similar, but with a few minor differences. In general, they are smaller or bigger (With lower and higher attack, defense and HP to match) versions of monsters that existed before 1.0.5.
Eater Family

The Eater Family

For example, Big Bones, Angry Bones, and Short Bones. The Families are the Hornet Family, the Eater Family, and the Bones Family. Colored Slimes also have a Family, since they all are found in the Forest biome, but Jungle Slimes, Lava Slimes, Dungeon Slimes, Pinky, and Mother Slimes are not a part of it.


All members of a Family:

  • Drop the same items
  • Have the same attack pattern
  • Look the same (except for a size difference)
  • Are found in the same Biome
05 Stinger Family

Hornet Family


Each member of a family:

  • Has a different size sprite.
  • Has more or less Defense.
  • Has more or less HP.
  • Does more or less Damage.
  • Have different speed. For example, short bones is faster and jumps higher than big bones.
54 Bones family

The Bones Family