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Farming is the intentional creation of resources to be collected repeatedly over time. Many kinds of farming involve planting Seeds to grow grass, trees, or flowers, though some kinds of farming such as Crystal Shard or statue farming do not involve seeds. Seeds include:

  • Acorns, which are nuts dropped from Trees. They are used on Grass to grow trees

General Farming

T farm
T farm 2

This tactic is mostly for endgame plays who just want to get items, and gold. This is also a great way to farm the chest Key Molds for the late game dungeon chests. You will need these materials: any type of block and Pygmy Staff (or any other minion type that can help take down monsters). Accessories and armor that increase minion numbers are also helpful and could help this farm become more efficient. You will need to build a rectangle shape around you of blocks, and spawn the minion outside of the rectangle. You can go afk for hours and come back to a surrounding full of items. This method is not 100% safe since going afk for too long may spawn bosses, a Solar Eclipse etc.

To make this setup a little safer you can use the set up to the right, which is still not 100% safe but it is safer than the normal method. For this farm you will need a Timer, some blocks, doors, wire, and Spiky Ball Traps.

Tree Farming

To farm trees, you will need acorns which can be obtained when you chop down a tree. A tree farm is just a flat area with acorns planted. The saplings have to be spaced apart with 2 empty spaces on either side. Periodically "mow the lawn" or cut the grass on your tree farm because it stops trees from growing in those places. If you have access to the jungle, then you can skip the acorns entirely, as Jungle trees grow automatically on the Jungle floor.

Piranha Farming (Video)

Terraria Farming Piranha Farm(01:28)

Corruption Farming

The Corruption with Vileshrooms.

You can create a Vile Mushroom farm using Corrupt Seeds. If it's close enough to your NPCs, the reduction in enemy spawns will keep any mobs from showing up. However, you still need to be careful, as enemies may still be able to spawn if the Corruption spreads too much. Creating corrupted terrain too close to your NPCs will make them leave their Homes.

Glowing Mushroom Farm

Mushroom farming, "super market" design

Farming these may be your best choice. To create a farm you must first have Mushroom Seeds (obtained from cutting down mushroom grass). Place rows of mud in any location that is in at least the dirt layer of the Underground and plant your seeds.

Farming Glowing Mushrooms will allow you to create different healing potions such as Healing Potions, and may be worthwhile to set up a farm early-game. These will become more important in Hardmode to craft Shroomite Bars and the items that require said bars.

Mushroom Farms

Mushroom farming
Mushroom farming below ground.

To create a regular Mushroom farm make sure there is no wall behind it so it has natural lighting and make long platforms of grass. Mushrooms will grow on these and you can then harvest them.

Flower Farms

Flower farm
Example of a flower farm (keep in mind that specific blocks below clay pots are not required)

There are various flowers that you can farm that are useful while making Potions. Clay Pots are a good way to plant flowers, but they can also be planted in normal dirt. However, clay pots are also used for decoration purposes and a worthless flower will eventually grow up if nothing is planted in it. These flowers can't be harvested - they're basically equivalent to the basic vegetation found in most biomes. If you are farming flowers in a pot, you can harvest them with a Pickaxe. Plants will only drop seeds if they are 'blooming' (ie. fully grown).

Blooming Conditions

Blinkroot1 Blinkroot blooms randomly. Can be found Underground. Seeds can only be harvested when the flower is blinking, emitting small amounts of light.

Daybloom Daybloom blooms at Daytime. Found aboveground in any biome but Corruption.

Moonglow Moonglow blooms at Nighttime. Found in Above/underground Jungle.

Deathweed Deathweed blooms in Blood Moon. Found in Corruption and The Crimson .

Fireblossom Fireblossom blooms if touches lava. Found in Underworld.

Waterleaf Waterleaf blooms if touches Water. Found in the Desert.

Terraria Nature's Gift Nature's Gift doesn't bloom. Found in the Underground Jungle.

Terraria Jungle Rose Jungle Rose doesn't bloom. Found in Jungle.

Crystal Shard Farming

Crystal Shards are possible to farm if you have unlocked Hard Mode. To make this farm, you will need to have an 

Crystal farm
Crystal farming with maximum space

Underground Hallow area, Pearlstone, and some Torches for lighting the area. When you found an area where you can see some Crystal Shards growing, clear out an area and make a good size square out of your Pearlstone. Add some rows that your character can walk on, and you'll have a Crystal Shard Farm. Hallowed monsters will start spawning in the farm due to the Pearlstone, though putting up a background wall in the area will prevent this to a degree.

To max crystal growth chance create 2 rows of pearlstone leaving a gap of one block between, then remove every other block from each row to have a empty space around each block of pearlstone. 

Soul Farming

This section contains methods for farming Souls.

Meteorite Method (Soul of Light/Night)

Meteorite farm
A player farming Souls of night with a Meteorite farm. Note the bridge on the lava to prevent coins from burning and the platform the player is standing on.

In order to create a Meteorite Farm you will need at least 50 Meteorite Ore. Locate the Underground CorruptionUnderground Hallow, or Underground Crimson, depending on which soul you want to farm. Place the Meteorite in the area, and wait for Meteor Heads to start spawning. Kill them as they approach and collect their drops. This can be made essentially automatic through the use of Chlorophyte Armor, whose leaf crystal effect (the set bonus) destroys Meteor Heads with one hit. You could also place 50 Pearlstone/Ebonstone/Crimstone along with the meteorite, making locating the three underground biomes unnecessary.

Money Farming

There are too many potential methods for farming money to list, but some of the more popular and effective methods can be found below:

Corrupt Bunny Farming

In order to farm bunnies for money, hook up a pressure plate to a bunny statue. Wait for a Blood Moon, then activate the pressure plate and step off of it on the side the statue is not on. The corrupt bunny spawned by the statue should move towards you and activate the pressure plate again, spawning additional bunnies (the Bunny Statue presumably does not check the existence of corrupt bunnies when deciding how many are allowed to be spawned at once). As the bunnies approach you, use any weapon that can be used continuously or held out (flails, Muramasa, Shadowbeam Staff etc.) and reap the profits.

As of v 1.2 this farming method is completely obselete.

Goldfish Farming

Wiring one or more Goldfish Statues submerged in a thin layer of lava to multiple one second timers makes (apart from a LOT of noise) a decent money farm since Goldfish sell for 1 silver a piece. Unfortunately they only stack to 99, making it annoying to move them.

Pirate Map Farming

In order to farm the pirate map, simply make a small lava trap over the ocean, and stand in a puddle of water. It will take some time, but eventually the ocean enemies go up and get killed. This nets pirate maps which summons pirate invasions. Each invasion nets ~80 Gold - ~1.5 Platnium, and drops great hard-mode level gear.

Key Mold Farming

Turtle Armor

Farming with Turtle Armor

While it takes more preparation and materials than the method outlined in the videos below, it is more efficient to use Turtle Armor to kill the Meteor Heads. Because the Meteor Heads will only die after hitting you, auto-looting is guaranteed (if you disable any minions). Also, it is not necessary to add a platform, so you need less honey in your set up. Standing in honey will regenerate the player's health and cure them of burning. A Band of RegenerationCampfire, or Heart Lantern will also help increase the regeneration speed. A Water Candle will increase the Meteor Head spawn rate and spawn limit. 

Chlorophyte Armor

As an alternative to Turtle Armor, the player could also use a full set of Chlorophyte Armor. Using the same setup as above, the player should be in an area that is small enough so as to allow them auto-loot items dropped by the Meteor Heads, but large enough to give time for the leaf crystal to fire. Staying out in the open will result in the crystal shooting the Meteor Heads from too far away to be auto-looted. It's also a good idea to put Wood Platforms as the floor of the box and dig out a hole about three blocks deep. Any deeper and any items that fall from Meteor Heads approaching from below will not be able to be auto-looted. Fill the pit with honey until it gets to the wood platforms and the buff activates. The pit below the box will allow the crystal to kill the Meteor Heads coming from below before they can get a hit in. Here is what the setup should look like. The crystal is strong enough to one-shot the heads, and quick enough to kill multiple ones in quick succession. The armor from the set itself will prevent the player from taking too much damage. Items like the Bee Cloak will help kill Meteor Heads as well.


After entering the Jungle Temple, you will have access to spiky ball traps. By building one of two simple contraption, you can afk farm keys without getting damaged by Meteor Heads. To build the first contraption(credits go to HERO), you need 26 Stone Blocks, 14 Spiky Ball Traps, 4 Doors, one 1 Second Timer and 23 Wire. For this contraption you only need one color of Wire. Be careful with leaving the contraption when it is on because the Spiky Ball Traps can easily kill you.

The other contraption uses Teleporters to get in and out of the instead of Doors, making it easier to collect your loot outside the contraption without turning the traps off and waiting before going to loot. There is a small chance that you get damaged by Meteor Heads although the chances of that happening are almost 0% if you stand in the middle of the contraption. To build this contraption you need 44 Stone Blocks, 16 Spiky Ball Traps, one 1 Second Timer, at least 42 Wire, 2 Teleporters, 1 Switch and 1 Lever . For this contraption you need to have 2 different colors of wire for the teleporter and traps.

Terraria Contraptions
Both the contraptions with wires visible.(right contraption by HERO design)

For both contraptions you need at least 50 Meteorite Blocks close to them to make the Meteor Heads spawn.


  • In multiplayer, a second person can use the Shroomite Armor to stay invisible while holding a water candle. This way, the number of Meteor Heads dropping items will be increased at minimal extra danger to the second player.
  • Ice biomes take priority over hallow and corruption/crimson, farming hallow or corrupt/crimson key moulds should have the correct background music, otherwise ice key moulds will result.
  • As of version 1.2.3, artificially spawned Meteor Heads will no longer drop anything, including the Key Molds.


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