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v121Fiery Greatsword
Fiery Greatsword   Item 121
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Broadsword
Damage (?) 36
Inflicts On Fire!
Use Time 33 (Slow)
Knockback 6.5 (Strong)
Quality Tier 3 (Orange)
Tooltip It's made out of fire!
Sell Value 54 SilverCoin Small 
Continuous Attack No
Material In Night's Edge
Crafted With 20 Hellstone Bars
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Lead Anvil
The Fiery Greatsword is a Hellstone class weapon that has a very long reach (equivalent to the Blade of Grass). It has a quality of 3, deals 36 melee damage (42 damage with Molten Armor set on) and has a "Slow" attack speed. The sword also gives off a fiery glow when used like the other molten items.  This weapon is good for normal mode, but it is recommended to upgrade to a Mythril Sword once Hardmode is reached. It is also a part of the Night's Edge sword.


FieryGreatsword animation
Fiery Greatsword being swung
  • The Fiery Greatsword emits light in the form of fire particles when it is swung, making it useful for finding Ores and caves through stone or blocks.
  • The slow attack speed can be compensated for by using Feral Claws, Shadow Armor or by reforging your accessories to Violent.
  • This sword is the second best pre-hardmode sword, with the first being the Night's Edge.
  • The fire effect does not stack with the Fire Gauntlet/Magma Stone.
  • Since console version is 1.1, it still uses 35 Hellstone Bars.

Update Info


  • Sprite changed
  • Now only requires 20 Hellstone Bars instead of 35.


  • Attack speed changed to "Slow".
  • Has a chance to give enemies the "On Fire!" debuff.



  • Introduced.


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