Item 2611
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Flail
Damage? 66 Damagetype melee
Use Time 19 (Very Fast)
Knockback 4.5 (Average)
Continuous Attack Yes
Quality Tier 8
Tooltip Spews homing bubbles
Dropped By Duke Fishron
Drop Rate 20%
Sell Value 5 GoldCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Flairon is a flail weapon dropped by Duke Fishron. It has the second highest damage of any flail in the game as of 1.3, and it also has the ability to shoot homing bubbles when used. The farther the Flairon goes, the more bubbles it will shoot out.

The Flairon can outclass any other melee weapon if used in an open space. By intentionally missing the target(s), the player can spawn huge amounts of bubbles which will immediately home in on any monsters within range.


  • Despite the Flairon's similar appearance to weapons like the Sunfury and Blue Moon, the fact that it has the autoreuse property and is unaffected by gravity place it closer to the Golem Fist.
  • The Flairon can be thrown through walls that are only a block thick as long as the player is pushing against the wall.
  • Like every flail, the best possible prefix is "Godly".
  • As with most(if not all) homing capabilities, the bubbles do not home in on players in PvP.


  • The name is a portmanteau of "Flail" and "Fishron."

Update Info


  • Added to the game.