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New furnace
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Crafting Station
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 99
Sell Value 60 CopperCoin Small 
Crafted With 20 Stone Blocks
4 Wood
3 Torches
Crafted At Work Bench
For Recipes used with Furnace, look here

The Furnace is the first crafting station to allow the player to smelt ores. It works on all ores prehardmode ores except Hellstone. It is the frst tier of Furnace crafting stations, the second tier being the Hellforge (Furnace) and the third tier is the Adamantite Forge/Titanium Forge.

Terraria - Crafting 101(12:23)


  • When placed, the Furnace gives off sporadic lighting in a similar manner to that of Lava or Meteorite.
  • The Furnace loses none of its functionality even when completely submerged in water.

Update Info


  • Appearance and sprite changed


  • Introduced.

Items Requiring Stone
Bricks Gray Brick · Copper Brick · Silver Brick · Gold Brick · Hellstone Brick · Iridescent Brick · Mudstone Block · Cobalt Brick · Mythril Brick
Background Stone Wall · Planked Wall
Furniture Armor Statue · Active Stone Block · Boulder
Other Wooden Arrow · Furnace
Items Requiring Wood
Ammo Wooden Arrow
Blocks Wood Wall · Wood Platform · Planked Wall · Wooden Beam
Crafting Stations Alchemy Station · Work Bench · Furnace · Loom · Keg · Cooking Pot · Sawmill
Furniture Barrel · Bed · Bench · Bookcase · Wooden Chair · Chest · Dresser · Grandfather Clock · Torch · Mannequin · Piano · Sign · Tiki Torch · Wooden Door · Wooden Table
Tools Wooden Hammer · Copper Pickaxe · Copper Axe · Copper Hammer · Gold Axe · Gold Hammer · Gold Pickaxe · Silver Pickaxe · Silver Axe · Silver Hammer · Iron Pickaxe · Iron Axe · Iron Hammer
Weapons Wooden Sword · Wooden Bow
Consumables Goblin Battle Standard
Crafting Stations
Tiles 133  Adamantite Forge

Titanium Forge  Titanium Forge

Alchemy Station  Alchemy Station Tiles 101  Bookcase Item 345 tile  Cooking Pot
Crimson Altar2  Crimson Altar Demon Altar  Demon Altar Furnace  Furnace Hellforge02  Hellforge
Tiles 16  Iron Anvil

LeadAnvil02  Lead Anvil

Tiles 86  Loom Item 525 tile  Mythril Anvil
File:Item 1220 tile.png  Orichalcum Anvil
Tiles 106  Sawmill
Tiles 114 Tinkerer's Workshop ChairTableChair with Table Tiles 18  Work Bench Tiles 243  Imbuing Station
Single Purpose Crafting Stations
Autohammer  Autohammer Tiles 217  Blend-O-Matic File:Item 2192 tile.png  Bone Welder File:Item 2193 tile.png  Flesh Cloning Vat
TerrariaGlassKiln2  Glass Kiln TerrariaHeavyWorkbench2  Heavy Work Bench File:Item 2204 tile.png  Honey Dispenser File:Item 2198 tile.png  Ice Machine
Tiles 94  Keg File:Item 2195 tile.png  Lihzahrd Furnace File:Item 2196 tile.png  Living Loom Meat Grinder  Meat Grinder
File:Item 2197 tile.png  Sky Mill Solidifier  Solidifier TerrariaSteampunkBoiler2  Steampunk Boiler
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