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v153Giant Tortoise
NPC 153
Type Monster ­
HP 470 Heart
Rarity Common
Attack 80

~140 if charging

Defense 30
Spawn Time Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode)
Sun Moon Charm Icon (Anytime)
Spawn Area Jungle
5 SilverCoin Small ? 100%
Turtle Shell 5.88%
Tortoise Banner 0.5%

The Giant Tortoise is a Hard Mode Monster that spawns in the Jungle, and has an approximate 5.88% chance to drop Turtle Shells when killed, which are vital to creating Turtle Armor.  They may also drop a Tortoise Banner.  

Combat style and attack

The Giant Tortoise has one main attack: it launches itself into the air and tries to fall on top of you.  It may also do this spinning move directly at you on ground level.  Being in water will cause it to do this move as a means of getting back onto dry land. If you interrupt this move while the tortoise is in midair, it will cause it to drop to the ground turned over on its shell.  

It is highly recommended to fight this monster with Melee weapons, as it does not appear to attack you intentionally if you're next to it.  Standing next to it will not trigger it's spinning move unless you get around 25-30 blocks away, giving you time to attack it while being near it. If it does launch itself in the air, you can stop it mid-jump with a ranged weapon, or redirect its path while dealing heavy damage using a weapon such as the Ice or Death Sickle. Caution should be advised when fighting this enemy, as use of Melee weapons still has the risk of accidently coming in contact with it and taking serious damage. Constant damage will prevent action, so if Melee weapons are not a safe option, hitting it with ranged weapons or spells to repeatedly stop its attack until it is defeated is recommended.

They appear unable to pass through wooden platforms when charging, so it would be a viable option to duck underneath a platform if trying to escape from a Giant Tortoise and then attack it from below, safely killing it.


  • As with all monsters, it spawns more during Blood moons.


  • Its attack could be a reference to Bowser's Up Smash in Super Smash Bros.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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