The Golden Key is a key that is used to open locked Gold Chests. Golden Keys are consumed upon use and can only open one locked Gold Chest. The Dungeon Slime is the only monster to drop the Key 100% of the time, and the Key itself can be seen inside the slime. They may also appear as uncommon loot in normal chests, in pots within the Dungeon, and as a drop from some of the skeletons in the dungeon.



  • Will sometimes not be consumed while opening a Chest.

Update Info


  • Can now be found in normal chests on the dungeon. No longer needed to open chests found on Floating Islands.


  • Chance of getting golden keys from dungeon monsters and pots increased: 1/75 to 1/65 and 1/45 to 1/40, respectively.


  • Added to the game.