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v3085Golden Lock Box
Item 3085
Type Item
Sub-Type Grab Bag
Placeable No
Max Stack 99
Consumable Yes
Quality Tier 0
Tooltip 'Right click to open
Requires a Golden Key'
Found In Dungeon Crate
Drop Rate 16.67% (1:6)
Sell Value 40 SilverCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Golden Lock Box is an item that can be obtained when opening Dungeon Crates (found while fishing in the Dungeon). When opened, the Golden Lock Box will always drop one item found in regular Dungeon Gold Chests, as well as some extra items.

One of these always drops
These each have a chance to drop with every Box opened
Chance Item Amount
33.33% (1:3) Healing Potion Healing-potion 2-5
66.67% (2:3)
(Any one type of potion)
Endurance Potion
Gravitation Potion
Heartreach Potion
Ironskin Potion
Magic Power Potion
Obsidian Skin Potion
Recall Potion?
Spelunker Potion
Wormhole Potion?
50% (1:2) Copper CoinCopperCoin Small 10-99
50% (1:2) Silver CoinSilverCoin Small 10-99
66.67% (2:3) Gold CoinGoldCoin Small 1-3

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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