v Goldfish (Material)
Item 261
Type Item
Sub-Type Material
Max Stack 99
Consumable Yes
Quality Tier 0
Tooltip 'It's smiling, might be a good snack'
Dropped By Goldfish
Drop Rate 100% (If hit with Bug Net)
Sell Value 7 SilverCoin Small50 CopperCoin SmallIcon pc
1 SilverCoin SmallIcon mobile
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Bowl of Soup
Fish Bowl

The Goldfish (Material) is a material item that is created when a Goldfish is struck with a Bug Net.


  • Goldfish will rarely spawn in a four block area of water.
  • The material is easy to farm by powering a Goldfish Statue with a timer and standing in front of it swinging a Bug Net.


  • As an item, the Goldfish has a description of "It's smiling, might be a good snack". This is a reference to the Goldfish snack cracker slogan "The snack that smiles back", although it can no longer be consumed for HP.

Update Info


  • Now sells for 7 SilverCoin Small50 CopperCoin Small.


  • No longer dropped by Goldfish upon death and can only be obtained by hitting them with a Bug Net.
  • No sell value.
  • No longer consumable.


  • No longer drops coins when corrupted and spawned by Fish Statue.
  • No longer drops hardmode boss summoning items.



  • Added to the game.