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Golem boss   Golemboss
Type Monster
Sub Type Boss Monster
Fists (each)
16,000 Heart / 24,000 Heart
9,000 Heart / 13,500 Heart
7,000 Heart / 10,500 Heart
Head Melee
Head Laser
Body Melee
64 / 102
36-58 / 72-116
56 / 112
72 / 115
59 / 94
Spawn Time Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode)
Sun Moon CharmNew (Anytime)
Spawn Area Lihzahrd Brick Lihzahrd Temple
Summoned By Lihzahrd Power Cell
Trophy(?) Golem Trophy
(10% (1:10))
15 GoldCoin Small? 100%
(4-8) Beetle Husk 100%
Golem Mask 10%
Shiny Stone
(Expert Mode)
One of the following will be dropped: 100%
Eye of the Golem 12.5%
Golem Fist 12.5%
Heat Ray 12.5%
Picksaw 12.5%
Possessed Hatchet 12.5%
Staff of Earth 12.5%
(& 60-99 Stynger Bolts)
Sun Stone 12.5%

Golem is one of the four bosses added in 1.2. It is summoned by inserting a Lihzahrd Power Cell (which is dropped from Lihzahrds and found in Lihzahrd Chests) into a Lihzahrd Altar, though only after Plantera has been defeated in the world.


The Lihzahrd Altar used to summon Golem is located in the Lihzahrd Jungle Temple, which can be unlocked using the Temple Key which drops from Plantera. However, if the player has a Picksaw from a previous fight with Golem, they can move the altar to another location to fight the boss wherever they like.

Golem and Drops - Terraria 101:54

Golem and Drops - Terraria 1.2 Guide Golem Explained!

Battle Info

Regardless of which phase the battle is in, Golem will always shoot ricocheting fireballs which are unaffected by gravity and jump around the area in an attempt to crush the player.

Stage 1

  • Golem's head (16,000 Heart) and fists (7,000 Heart each) will take damage during this phase.
  • The fist closest to the player will launch at their current location at a speed which scales up as the fist loses HP. The fists will instantly retract when they take any kind of damage, but will go through any walls that a player is hiding behind.
  • Once the head is at half health, it will start shooting lasers at the player. It will fire one laser directly at the player at regular intervals. The time between lasers will shorten as the head takes more damage.

Stage 2

  • When the head's health is completely depleted, it will become invulnerable and detach from the main body. Any remaining fists will still function, and the body (9000 Heart) will become vulnerable to damage.
  • If the fists are still alive, they will launch at the player as in stage 1, but both will be able to target the player at once regardless of which side of the boss the player is standing on.
  • The detached head will float above Golem firing two yellow lasers and spitting fireballs at the player. The lasers and fireballs will shoot faster as the main body's health depletes.


  1. One of the easiest ways to beat the boss is to make a box that he can get trapped in and collect all the traps in the dungeon; set them up in the room somewhere where you can run back and forth and activate it with a button, avoiding the lasers whilst doing major damage with the various traps to swiftly dispatch the boss.
  2. Hang with a hook on one corner and shoot with Magnet Sphere and wear full Spectre Armor to resist damage caused by fireballs.
  3. Build a box around you and use something such as a Death Sickle or a Chlorophyte Partisan to damage him, although you will still take damage from his lasers.
  4. Wear at least a Turtle Scale Mail and Chlorophyte Armor, and use a strong weapon to get it down to its Eye-Laser form. Once there, use about 250 Heart Arrows along with a Chlorophyte Shotbow, so that it cannot hit you. You cannot prevent it from attacking you in its final form, though, so use a strong ranged weapon at the end to dodge easier.(MOBILE ONLY)
  5. Fill the roof of Golem's chamber with Spiky ball traps. Connect the Spiky ball traps with wire, and connect the wire to a 5 second timer. Once you have summoned the boss, turn on your 5 second timer and watch Golem get destroyed. To make the fight faster, just use any ranged weapon of your choice.
  6. Make a box so that there are only some spaces in it's fist's sides. For that, you need a Piranha Gun. The gun will hit him even when he transforms, so you only need to dodge. To make it easier, if you have Neptune's Shell or Moon Shell, you just need to flood the room (Just dig a water deposit, they are common in the jungle). In merfolk form, Golem will be slowed down and you will be able to swim like you did have infinite flight. (Tested only with Beetle Armor, not sure with other types of armors.)
  7. Use a Bunny Cannons and Explosive Bunnies to quickly kill Golem as the Bunny Cannon can constantly be fired and it causes around 350 base damage.
  8. Wear full Turtle Armor and use Vampire Knives as you will heal to full before he can damage you and the knives shoot about 5-6 knives on average and shoot really fast along with the turtle armor reflective damage and dmg boost will allow you to solo this boss anywhere.
  9. A way to do the above strategy and barely take any damage is to make a small area in the ceiling so Golem's head can fit in and have a separate hole with platforms as the floor. First, use any kind of Grappling Hook and grapple to the first hole and hold down the attack button with Vampire Knives in your hand (Aim down). It is recommended but not required to stay on the bottom and attack Golem's fists first. When Golem goes to his second form, exit the first hole and go to the second hole so Golem's head will get stuck in the first hole and won't do any melee damage to you and his fireballs won't either. When in the second hole, just camp there and keep firing the Vampire Knives. The only damage you will take here is Golem's Eye Lasers but the healing effect of the Vampire Knives will regenerate your health faster than the Lasers can damage it. After trying this strategy out it may be noticeable that his second stage is easier to defeat than defeating Golem in his first stage. As said from the above strategy, this is very easy (disregarding getting the Vampire Knives) to defeat Golem and you can easily solo him anywhere.
  10. An easy way to win is to walk in the hall way and get him stuck jumping up and down, by doing this your only threat is the enemies spawning in the hall and his lasers.
  11. A simple way to easily defeat Golem but also a little time-consuming. These are the items you will need: A Death sickle (best possible reforge is recommended), light disks (optional), greater healing potions, any type of building blocks (40-50), Campfires, and any range wear. (best is either Flamethrower or Clock-work Rifle with about 75 Ichor Bullets, and any method of flying (Wings, Cloud in a Bottle, Sandstorm in a Bottle, but no Gravitation Potions). First, using building blocks, make a small platform high enough so when Golem spawns it will start jumping at you. Second, once you have completed that, place Campfires and on the floor and near the platform. Be sure to make another platform underneath the original just in case its too high. Now once you have spawned in Golem, fly up onto said platform and use the Death Sickle to attack Golem from there. As Golem will repeatedly jump and swing its fists at you the Magic Scythes that flail out will go through the blocks hurting the fists. As it is time-consuming, it is an effective method taking no damage to yourself whatsoever. to speed up the process, recommenced items would be anything that speeds ups DPS, critical chance rate, and overall DPS. Recommend armor would be full Hallowed Armor as it aids in melee attacks. Now once you've got both fists destroyed, continue to swipe at Golem but head down into the lower platform to get a more clear shot. As Golem jumps attempting to hit you with the fireballs, you won't be dealt any DM but Golem will by the magical scythes. Right when the head is destroyed make sure to get out of the platforms. The be way to go by this is to escape quickly onto the main floor. Now using either the ranged or death sickle, continuously run and fly over the body whilst attacking it. While attacking in this way, ignore the lasers coming from the head, but keep an eye on your HP. As you continue attacking like this, you should be able to kill the main body in about 5 seconds.
  12. Another easy way is a bit overkill but it will work you will need moon charm(warding) and any assortment of items preferably Warding. I'd recommend to get Frost Armor and a ranged or magic weapon, (I normally go with True Excalibur long range and close range).
  13. If you have enough defense, build a long platform above him, and spam him with holy hand grenades. Each does a lot of damage (possibly over 500).
  14. An effective way to defeat Golem which allows you to dodge the lasers is to build a box three tiles thick, so that when Golem spawns he can't move (the fists can move through one and two tile thick surfaces). Then, at the top of the box, break two blocks so that you can put a Nimbus Cloud there. Spawn Golem in. The Nimbus Cloud will continuously do damage to its head. Jump to avoid the lasers. Whenever the Nimbus Cloud disappears, use some form of flying (Wings, various types of Bottles, Gravitation Potion ect.) to replace the cloud. To defeat him faster, it is recommended to use a Spear (they can travel through walls).


  • The fireballs he shoots will bounce repeatedly in straight lines, originally being aimed directly at your character. You can use the fireballs as a dodge practice, so you can get better at dodging his fireballs and other projectiles as you practice.
  • The lasers that Golem shoots have a very high unit speed making them incredibly hard to dodge unless you are moving directly perpendicular to their original direction. The use of Asphalt would be a good idea so you will be dodging them really fast or the use of Master Ninja Gear will allow you to dash and it will have a small chance for the lasers not to damage you.
  • He will temporarily stop shooting lasers when transitioning to the second stage of the battle, until his health gets low again. A player can trap him and get a breather from the battle to regenerate and recover potion cooldown.
  • Golem is one of the few bosses that is slowed down underwater. This makes them much easier to fight when being merfolk and filling the chamber with water, because not only does the water slow Golem down, it also speeds the player up when becoming a merfolk.


  • Sometimes, if Golem gets stuck in a wall, it will have a crooked head and its eyes will be in the wrong position.
  • Occasionally, a temple will spawn without an Altar to summon Golem. The only way to correct this problem is making another world.
  • If the Altar spawns on top of a non-Lihzahrd Brick block (such as a trap), destroying it will allow to pick it up and bring it somewhere else.
  • Sometimes when Golem is summoned, the head can get stuck inside the Lihzahrd bricks and you will not be able to defeat him; unless you have a Picksaw or weapons that can attack through walls with you.
  • If rows of platforms are built up in the summoning room, Golem will always attempt to spawn above the highest row, which can make it only ever spawn stuck inside the roof if the platforms are too high.
  • Sometimes, if summoned in a Jungle Biome, The Destroyer, Queen Bee, or Ocram can also spawn. (Note: this bug works on console only)
  • Very rarely, it will drop a Plumber's Hat upon death, but it does not replace any other drop. (needs confirmation)
  • Also, very rarely the temple can spawn with some bricks missing, and you can get in and spawn Golem pre-hardmode if your version is before 1.2.3. (example = tablet or phone)
  • If Golem is spawned with blocks above the altar the blocks will be destroyed and anything on the blocks will stay like furniture.
  • After moving the altar when spawned, Golems "neck" will be in front of its head.
  • Sometimes, two Lihzahrd Power Cells are used at once but only spawns one Golem (possibly mobile only)
  • When Golem has already been summoned in, tapping on the altar will result in the message "You need a Lihzahrd Power Cell to summon Golem" being given.

Update Info


  • Can no longer be spawned until Plantera is defeated.
  • Received several statistical buffs.
  • Fists may now move through platforms and blocks.
  • Expanded loot table to include coins, Beetle Husks, and the Golem Mask.


  • Added to the game.


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