The Granite Elemental is a hostile enemy that spawns in the Underground Granite Biome in both Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode. It has the ability to pass through walls to target the player if it cannot reach them, similar to the Mourning Wood. These serve to chip down the health of the player.

In expert mode: Randomly upon taking damage, the Granite Elementals will contract into an invulnerable pebble that will fall to the ground and cannot be damaged, but it will still be able to deal damage to the player. It will go back to it's normal flying state after 1–2 seconds.

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Granite Elemental Flying About In The Granite Biome


  • These enemies can pass through walls to attack the player if they cannot reach them, if the Player knocks the Granite Elemental into a wall, it won't pass through it.
  • These enemies seem to take extra knock-back.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.