A Hallowed Desert

The Hallowed Desert biome forms when the Hallow spreads to a Desert. Hallowed Deserts can only spawn in Hard mode unless you use the Clentaminator with Blue Solution or use Holy Water. It replaces sand with Pearlsand, and normal cacti with teal cacti. 

With a minimum of 10-25 pearlsand, you can create an artificial desert.


Light Mummies and Dreamer Ghouls will spawn in the Hallowed Desert if it contains enough Pearlsand, and will sometimes drop a Light Shard upon death. Other hallowed monsters such as the Unicorn and Pixies will spawn in the Hallowed Desert other than the Light Mummies. A minimum of around 10-25 pearlsand is enough to spawn Light Mummies and Dreamer Ghouls.


  • Holy Water and a Clentaminator with Blue Solution can be used to make Hallowed Desert s in pre-hardmode worlds.
  • The Corrupt Desert can be considered the complete opposite of the Hallowed Desert.
  • Spectral Mummies are console exclusive mobs that can spawn here.
  • Hallowed Seeds cannot be placed on sand, only dirt blocks.
  • Teal Hallowed cacti will act and drop as normal cacti.

Update Info


  • Added Teal Hallowed Cacti.


  • Added to the game.