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Hamaxes fulfill the role of a hammer and an axe, but take up only one inventory slot. However, sometimes hamaxes may get annoying. If you try to remove a piece of background that is under wood, you will break the wood before the walls. This could get irritating if you are trying to fix mistakes of a wall being too far out of the home next to a wall made of wood blocks.

There are four types of hamaxes currently available:

Hamaxe Damage Power Materials to Craft
Axe Hammer
Meteor Hamaxe Meteor Hamaxe 20 100% 60% 35 Meteorite Bars
Molten Hamaxe Molten Hamaxe 20 150% 70%

15 Hellstone Bars

Spectre Hamaxe Spectre Hamaxe 60 115% 90% 18 Ectoplasms, 18 Chlorophyte Bars
The Axe(1) The Axe 72 175% 100% Drops from Plantera

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