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vHeart Crystal 
File-Crystal Heart
Type Background Tile
Found In Randomly below the surface throughout the world
Drops Life Crystal (when destroyed with a Pickaxe)
A Heart Crystal is a red heart-shaped stone that can be found underground, in the Underworld, Underground Jungle. As of 1.2.3, it can no longer be found in Dungeons. When used in a similar manner to mana crystals, it will permanently increase the players health by 20, to a maximum of 400 health (can be taken to 500 health by obtaining Life Fruit, which are also found in the Underground Jungle). A Heart Crystal is only harvestable with a Pickaxe, Drill or Drax. When broken, a Heart Crystal will drop one Life Crystal.


  • Heart Crystals cannot be obtained by breaking the blocks under them, and the two blocks it is on cannot be broken until the heart is gone.
  • As of v1.2, it will give of a faint glow.
  • The number of Heart Crystals in a world depends on the size of the world: there will be about 200-300 in small worlds, 300-350 in medium worlds, and 400-450 in large worlds.
    • In a medium world, there are enough Heart Crystals to give 20 players full HP (400 HP).
  • When lava flows over one of these tiles, it will break and drop a Life Crystal. In the PC version you can hit it with a pickaxe and it will drop but only in xbox will it drop if you hit it with a hammer
  • Using a Spelunker Potion will cause Heart Crystals to glow.
  • These items are most common in the Underworld and Underground Jungle.
  • As of v1.2.3, it can no longer be found un dungeons.


Heart crystals
Two heart crystals, one with the silt dug out from below.
  • If a Heart Crystal spawns on sand or silt, then mining the sand/silt below it will cause it to float in midair.
  • It is possible to find a Heart Crystal standing on one tile.
  • Rarely, it may appear to overlap with other objects.
  • Sometimes, only half of a heart is visible.
  • The guide says that you can break the crystal with a hammer but it can only be broken with a pickaxe or bombs.

Update info


  • Now broken with a pickaxe instead of a hammer. Now have a pulse animation.


  • Introduced.

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