v1249Honey Balloon
Item 1249
Type Accessory
Body Slot Accessory Slot
Quality Tier 2
Tooltip Increases jump height
Releases bees when damaged
Sell Value 1 GoldCoin Small 8 SilverCoin Small
Crafted With 1 Honey Comb
1 Shiny Red Balloon
Crafted At Tinkerer's Workshop
Material In Amber Horseshoe Balloon

The Honey Balloon is a new item added in the Terraria 1.2 update. It can be crafted using a Honey Comb and a Shiny Red Balloon at the Tinkerer's Workshop. When combined, Honey Balloon provides the extra jump height of the balloon and spawns bees.

Update Info


  • Now craftable.


  • Added to the game.