This item is found only in the mobile version(s) of Terraria.
v Horn 'o' Plenty
Horn 'o' Plenty
Type Reusable Potion
Bonus Restores 120 health, is never consumed
Max Stack 1
Consumable Yes
Quality Tier 0
Tooltip Restores 120 life. It is filled with the inexhaustible gifts of celebratory fruits.
Dropped By Turkor the Ungrateful
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

The Horn 'o' Plenty is a potion dropped by Turkor the Ungrateful. It restores 120 health and will never be consumed, however, it will still inflict the Potion Sickness debuff.

Update Info

Icon mobile v1.1.6255

  • Added to the game.