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Type Monster ­
HP 33-57 Heart
Attack 13 (Ranged)
32-40 (Melee)
Defense 10-14
Variety Hornets
Spawn Area Clay1 Underground Jungle Biome
Inflicts Poisoned
Stinger 50%
Bezoar 1%
Hornet Banner 0.5%
Ancient Cobalt Helmet 0.33%
Ancient Cobalt Breastplate 0.33%
Ancient Cobalt Leggings 0.66%
Jungle Rose  ?%

Hornets are inhabitants of the Underground Jungle biome. They are airborne and normally spawn in groups, to represent the swarming nature of real Hornets. Like Demon Eyes, they move away from you when you hit them and then charge back at you. It is advised that you corner them up against a wall to kill them effectively using a flail or Muramasa. Due to the darkness of the jungle, a Hunter Potion makes it easy to spot them before nailing them with a bow. Hornets come in different sizes. 

Hornets can be very deadly in groups as they spawn quickly to accumulate in a swarm. They deal an attack damage of 40 modified by the player's total defence.

Hornets fire a projectile that has a 1 in 3 chance to poison the target. These projectiles cannot go through walls, similar to a Harpy's feather. With this in mind it is easy to make a floating rest area to recover health as long as you are out of reach of man eaters. When they shoot stingers it sounds like a dart trap.


  • Hornets may still spawn in water rarely. 
Hornet Shot

A hornet shooting its projectile

Dodging Stingers

You can trap Hornets inside a Flying Enemy Cage, but you'll still need to watch out for the stingers that they shoot.

Update Info


  • Have varying stats as Big and Little Stingers aren't spawned anymore.



  • Doesn't make a splash sound when hitting water.
  • No longer drops pieces of the Jungle Armor.


  • No longer appear as if they are about to flip over whilst flying.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

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