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v1445Inferno Fork
Inferno fork   Item 1445
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Spell
Damage? 65 Damagetype magic
Inflicts Burning
Mana Cost 14
Use Time 29 (Average)
Knockback 8 (Very Strong)
Quality Tier 8
Tooltip Launches a ball of fire that explodes into a raging inferno
Dropped By Diabolist
Drop Rate 2.5% (1:40)
Sell Value 6 GoldCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Inferno Fork is a magic weapon that drops inside the Dungeon from the Diabolist, a Hard Mode monster that can be fought in the dungeon after Plantera has been defeated. It fires an exploding projectile that leaves a lasting explosion on screen. The inferno left by it does not last as long as the Diabolist's, and it only runs for around 2-3 seconds. It does constant damage to enemies.

The Inferno Fork does very high damage to bosses when they are stationary. In combination with the Golden Shower, or other weapons inflicting Ichor, it can deal large amounts of damage.


  • Like most spells, the best prefix for this weapon is Mythical.
  • If used correctly, the Destroyer can be defeated in mere seconds with this weapon.

Update Info


  • Minor sprite update.


  • Added to the game.
    Inferno Fork, One of the best magic weapons, Terraria 1 2, Terraria HERO, Terraria Wiki01:12

    Inferno Fork, One of the best magic weapons, Terraria 1 2, Terraria HERO, Terraria Wiki

    Video About Inferno Fork... By: HERO


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