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Terraria Intro Message

One of the Intro Messages

Intro Messages are text seen in the top-left corner of the game screen when Terraria is in windowed mode. These messages will always lead with "Terraria:" followed by any of these phrases:

  • Shut up and Dig Gaiden! (Reference to Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden)
  • Sand is Overpowered (Possible reference to sand fall damage increase)
  • A Bunnies Tale (Possibly a reference to the movie, "The Knight's Tale")
  • Small Blocks, Not for Children Under the Age of 5 (In reference to the typical warning on toys with small parts, such as Lego: "Warning. Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.")
  • There is No Cow Layer (Reference to the "Cow Level" in the Diablo franchise, and to another of its kind in the StarCraft franchise: the cheat code to access these levels is "There is no cow level")
  • Digger T’ Blocks (Reference to the game "Digger T. Rock", an old NES Rareware game that is similar to Terraria)
  • Hey Guys!
  • The Grass is Greener on This Side (A reference to the common saying "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence")
  • Part 3: The Return of the Guide (A reference to the third The Lord of the Rings novel, The Return of the King)
  • Doctor Bones and the Temple of the Blood Moon (A reference to the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)
  • Purple Grass! (A possible reference to the Jimi Hendrix song "Purple Haze," or because grass in The Corruption is purple)
  • Dig, Peon! Dig! (A reference to a line from the movie Forrest Gump, which was originally "Run, Forrest! Run!")
  • Noone Dug Behind! (A reference to the common military proverb "No man left behind")
  • Slimeassic Park (A reference to the movie Jurassic Park).
  • Suspicious Looking Eyeballs (The item used to summon the Eye of Cthulhu in game is called a "Suspicious Looking Eye")
  • Epic Dirt
  • Also try Minecraft! (Minecraft heavily inspired Terraria; Minecraft also has intro messages (called splashes) on its title screen, one of which says "Also try Terraria!")
  • Also try Edge of Space!
  • Terraria: Terraria: (The intro messages in the game are always preceded by "Terraria:". This message in full is "Terraria: Terraria: Terraria:")
  • Press alt-f4 (A combination of keys in Windows and most NIX systems that closes the actual window)
  • Dividing by zero (A reference to the fact that dividing by zero is impossible)
  • Cthulhu is mad... and is missing an eye! (Another reference to the Eye of Cthulhu or a plan to create Cthulhu in the game.)
  • Rumors of the Guides' death were greatly exaggerated (A reference to a Mark Twain quote: "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated")
  • Judgement Clay (Possibly a refrence to Judgment Day)
  • Better than life (Reference to the Red Dwarf book "Better Than Life")
  • The Water Fall of Content! (Possibly referencing that there are now waterfalls in the game)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Discovery Simulator (A reference to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • What's that purple spiked thing? (Reference to the fact many new players are confused by Demon Altars)
  • Now with SOUND (May be a reference to the new game sound tracks.)
  • A good day to dig hard (A reference to the movie "A Good Day to Die Hard")
  • Dig Dug Ain't Got Nuthin on Me (Possibly referencing that Terraria has been compared with the NES game Dig Dug.)
  • So then I said "Something about a PC update..." (Possibly referencing when Redigit announced the 1.2 update)
  • Red Dev Redemption (A reference to the Rockstar game "Red Dead Redemption")
  • A spelunker says "What"? (A reference to the joke "An idiot says "what"?)
  • Now with more things to kill you! (A reference to the hostile entities added in 1.2 update)
  • Terrestrial Trouble
  • I Pity the Tools... (A reference to the famous Mr. T phrase "I Pity the fools")
  • I Pity the Tools (This one doesn't have the last dots)
  • Now in 1D (A reference to 3D movie remakes)
  • Can You Re-Dig-It? (A reference to Redigit, the creator of Terraria, possibly also a reference to Pro Wrestler Booker T.'s Signature "Can you dig it, Sucka" catchphrase)
  • I wanna be the guide (A reference to the game "I Wanna be the Guy")
  • May the blocks be with you (A reference to the Star Wars saga saying "May the force be with you")
  • Rise of the Slimes (Possibly a reference to the movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes")
  • I don't know that--aaaaa! (Probably a reference to the bridgekeeper scene in the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail")
  • You sand bro? (A reference to the phrase "You mad bro?")
  • Legend of Maxx (A reference to a popular webcomic about Terraria)
  • NOT THE BEES!!! (A reference to Nicolas Cage's most infamous line in "The Wicker Man". Also the name of an in-game achievement.)
  • Earthbound (Possibly a reference to the game Earthbound and/or Starbound)
  • Ore's Well That Ends Well (A reference to the saying "All's well that ends well")
  • Coming soon to a computer near you (A reference to a saying used on some movie commercials: "Coming soon to a theater near you.")
  • Cult of Cenx (Cenx is a developer. The Cult of Cenx is also a TerrariaOnline forum group)
  • Adaman-TIGHT! (A pun on Adamantite Ore)
  • I just want to know where the gold is at?
  • Terraria 2: Electric Boogaloo (A reference to the film "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo")
  • 9 + 1 = 11 (a reference to one of Pedguin's streams when he couldn't solve an adventure map puzzle).
  • Infinite Plantera
  • Also try Dungeon Defenders 2!


  • Some of these messages are parodies of famous film names, such as "Slimeassic Park" (Jurassic Park) and "Doctor Bones and the Temple of the Blood Moon" (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).
  • "Shut up and Dig Gaiden!" is the game's original slogan. It was the only thing that appeared in the corner until patch 1.0.6.