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v22Iron Bar
Item 22
Type Item
Sub-Type Material
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 99
Quality Tier 0
Sell Value 3 SilverCoin Small 
Crafted With 3 Iron Ore
Crafted At Furnace
Material In Lamp Post
Palm Wood Chest
Palm Wood Clock
Boreal Wood Chest
Boreal Wood Clock
Rich Mahogany Clock
Rich Mahogany Chest
Ebonwood Clock
Ebonwood Chest
Shadewood Clock
Shadewood Chest
Pearlwood Clock
Pearlwood Chest
Mushroom Chest
Mushroom Clock
Slime Chest
Slime Clock
Iron Fence
Minecart Track
Grandfather Clock
Blacksmith Rack
Carpentry Rack
Helmet Rack
Spear Rack
Sword Rack
Dynasty Chest
Dynasty Clock
Dynasty Bathtub
Living Wood Clock
Glass Clock
Glass Chest
Honey Chest
Honey Clock
Sunplate Clock
Lihzahrd Clock
Frozen Clock
Steampunk Chest
Steampunk Clock
Cactus Chest
Cactus Clock
Pumpkin Clock
Pumpkin Chest
Spooky Clock
Spooky Chest
Flesh Clock
Flesh Chest
Bone Chest
Bone Clock
Obsidian Chest
Pink Dungeon Chest
Blue Dungeon Chest
Green Dungeon Chest
Iron Anvil
Iron Pickaxe
Iron Axe
Iron Hammer
Iron Broadsword
Iron Shortsword
Iron Bow
Iron Helmet
Iron Chainmail
Iron Greaves
Empty Bucket
Iron Door
Heavy Work Bench
Glass Kiln
Trash Can
Cooking Pot
Inlet Pump
Outlet Pump
Mechanical Eye
Mechanical Worm
Mechanical Skull

Iron Bars are the refined form of Iron Ore, requiring 3 per bar. Iron is the third tier of materials available, better than Tin, but worse than Lead. A standard Furnace or higher is needed to craft them and an iron anvil to craft items with it. It is the most useful ore in the game because it can craft many things other than armor and tools. It is the counterpart of Lead Bars, in worlds where Iron replaces Lead Ore.

Iron Bars stacked

Update Info


  • Became placeable as decoration.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
Original Metals Alternative Metals

Copper Ore Copper Ore

Copper Bar Copper Bar

Tin Ore Tin Ore

Tin Bar Tin Bar

Iron Ore Iron Ore

Iron bar1 Iron Bar

Lead Ore Lead Ore

Lead Bar Lead Bar

Silver Ore Silver Ore

Silver bar1 Silver Bar

Tungsten Ore Tungsten Ore

Tungsten Bar Tungsten Bar

Gold Ore Gold Ore

Gold Bar Gold Bar

Platinum Ore Platinum Ore

Platinum Bar2 Platinum Bar

Demonite ore1 Demonite Ore

Demonite bar Demonite Bar

Crimtane Ore Crimtane Ore

Crimtane Bar Crimtane Bar

Hard Mode Metals

Cobalt Ore Cobalt Ore

Cobalt Bar Cobalt Bar

Palladium Ore Palladium Ore

Palladium Bar Palladium Bar

Mythril Ore Mythril Ore

Mythril Bar Mythril Bar

Orichalcum Ore Orichalcum Ore

Orichalcum Bar Orichalcum Bar

Adamantite Ore Adamantite Ore

Adamantite Bar Adamantite Bar

Titanium Ore Titanium Ore

Titanium Bar Titanium Bar

Chlorophyte Ore Chlorophyte Ore

Chlorophyte Bar Chlorophyte Bar

Hallowed Bar Hallowed Bar

Shroomite Bar Shroomite Bar

Other Minerals & Materials

Meteorite ore Meteorite Ore

Meteorite bar Meteorite Bar

Hellstone1 Hellstone

Hellstone Bar Hellstone Bar

Ectoplasm Ectoplasm

Obsidian1 Obsidian

Items Requiring Iron
Tools Chain · Iron Axe · Iron Hammer · Iron Pickaxe
Weapons Flamethrower · Iron Bow · Iron Broadsword · Iron Shortsword
Armor Iron Helmet · Iron Chainmail · Iron Greaves
Potions Ironskin Potion
Crafting Stations Cooking Pot · Glass Kiln · Heavy Work Bench · Iron Anvil · Sawmill
Furniture Barrel · Bathtub · Blacksmith Rack · Blue Dungeon Chest · Bone Chest · Bone Clock · Boreal Wood Chest · Boreal Wood Clock · Cactus Chest · Cactus Clock · Carpentry Rack · Chest · Dynasty Bathtub · Dynasty Chest · Dynasty Clock · Ebonwood Chest · Ebonwood Clock · Flesh Chest · Flesh Clock · Frozen Clock · Glass Chest · Glass Clock · Grandfather Clock · Green Dungeon Chest · Helmet Rack · Honey Chest · Honey Clock · Iron Door · Iron Fence · Lamp Post · Living Wood Clock · Lihzahrd Clock · Mushroom Chest · Mushroom Clock · Obsidian Chest · Palm Wood Chest · Palm Wood Clock · Pearlwood Chest · Pearlwood Clock · Pink Dungeon Chest · Pumpkin Chest · Pumpkin Clock · Rich Mahogany Chest · Rich Mahogany Clock · Shadewood Chest · Shadewood Clock · Slime Chest · Slime Clock · Spear Rack · Spooky Chest · Spooky Clock · Steampunk Chest · Steampunk Clock · Sunplate Clock · Sword Rack · Toilet · Trash Can
Other Empty Bucket · Inlet Pump · Iron Bar · Mechanical Eye · Mechanical Skull · Mechanical Worm · Minecart Track · Outlet Pump

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