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Bee queen larva

A Larva

The Larva is an object found within Hive biomes in the Underground Jungle. Destroying the Larva will spawn the Queen Bee. The Larva are naturally generated in the Hive. The Queen Bee can also be spawned by an Abeemination, though the summon will have to occur in the Jungle. Any Larvae placed outside a hive biome will not function, though this would require the use of external tools.


  • Any interaction with the Larva Sac will break it. This includes interaction from other bosses and/or enemies, but also any swinging/shooting tool (Grappling Hooks) or objects that you can place against the wall (like torches).
Bee queen

Larva found in the Bee Hive.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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