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v514Laser Rifle
Item 514o     Item 514
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Spell
Damage (?) 29
Mana Cost 8
Use Time 11 (Very Fast)
Knockback 2.5 (Very Weak)
Quality Tier 4 (Red)
Dropped By Wall of Flesh
Drop Rate 16.67% or 1 in 6
Sell Value 10 GoldCoin Small  
Continuous Attack Yes
This item cannot be crafted.
The Laser Rifle, dropped by the Wall of Flesh, is a more powerful version of the Space Gun and a weaker version of the Heat Ray. It has a very fast speed and consumes 8 points of mana per shot. It fires nonstop automatically until you are out of mana if you hold down the left mouse button. The shots can also pass through several monsters at once.

Laser Rifle 01:43

Laser Rifle


  • Unlike the space gun, the laser rifle will consume mana even if you are wearing the Meteor Armor.


  • This weapon may resemble the pulse rifle from the Alien franchise.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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