The Last Prism is an endgame-tier magic weapon that can be dropped by the Moon Lord. It must be used continuously for it's maximum effect, which channels a myriad of rainbow beams into a single large beam. Each beam travels until it hits a solid block and pierces enemies infinitely until then.


  • Without the Mana Flower equipped and Greater Mana Potions in your inventory, you will run out of mana very quickly when using this weapon.
  • This weapon can easily dispatch The Destroyer (even in Expert Mode) within seconds.
  • Beta testers get a single colour for their beam, as opposed to the usual rainbow beam.
  • Since mana sickness is triggered every time the player consumes a mana potion, it is not suggested to use the Mana Flower exclusively. Using the Celestial Magnet, Magic Cuffs or the Celestial Emblem is recommended, along with Star Statues (for arenas). This way, mana is regenerated without loss in damage.
  • The beta testers are Tsuki, Yoraiz0r, Ghostar, Devalaous, Leinfors, Aeroblop, Doylee, Darkhalis, Arkhalis, Nike Leon, Suweeka, W1K, and Grox The Great, they all have one color.


  • If you use the prism for a while the beam may die out and not work.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.