Light's Bane is the Demonite tier broadsword. It is crafted at the Iron Anvil. Despite its unique name, it has no special bonuses or buffs. The reason for this is due to the lack of a Demonite Shortsword equivalent.

The Light's Bane is swung in the same over-the-head style as all other broadswords. Although Light's Bane has a higher attack power and fast speed, its range is also the smallest of all broadswords. This limits how effective it is when dealing with a large group of enemies stacked on top of one another. Despite this, it is balanced out by its substantial attack power.

When Demonite is obtained, it is recommended to use the ore to make a Demonite tier tool, such as the War Axe of the Night or The Breaker. These have higher attack power (though lower attack speed) than Light's Bane in addition to their uses as tools. the Light's Bane is also the corruption version of the Blood Butcherer which is obtained in a crimson world.

It is one of the four swords needed to create the Night's Edge.


A Light's Bane in use.


  • The Light's Bane is similar in appearance to the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda Series.
  • It is the shortest broadsword in the game.

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