The Lihzahrd Door is a special door that is located at the entrance of the Lihzahrd Temple. It won't open unless you unlock it with a Temple Key obtained from Plantera. There is only 1 of these in every world.

When the Lihzahrd Door has not yet been opened by a Temple Key, it will not break, even if every block surrounding it is removed. The surrounding bricks glitch when broken as well, and will drop more Lihzahrd Doors.

To place a door, left click either the upper or lower attachment point.


- Sometimes, if the block(s) above the natural Lihzahrd door are broken, it will duplicate the door, and sometimes glitch it so it keeps duplicating until stopped in some way. (Tested on Xbox360 version)

Update Info


  • Now craftable at a Lihzahrd Furnace.


  • Added to the game.