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v3572Lunar Hook
Item 3572
Type Tool
Sub-Type Grappling Device
Quality Tier 10
Tooltip You want the moon? Just grapple it and pull it down!
Sell Value 10 GoldCoin Small
Crafted With 6 Solar Fragments
6 Nebula Fragments
6 Stardust Fragments
6 Vortex Fragments
Crafted At Ancient Manipulator

The Lunar Hook has 4 hooks and a range of 35 blocks. Unlike most other grappling hooks, Lunar Hook allows all of it's hooks to be fired simultaneously (as rapidly as button E is pressed), with no regard if the previous hook was already attached or not.

The individual hooks also each emit light of a color respective to the chain; each hook is the color of one of the four aspects of the Lunar Event. The hooks are fired in a certain order: Solar, Vortex, Nebula, Stardust.

Applying dyes that change the color of the hook will usually change the hook to only show the one color.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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