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A Mage is a type of enemy that uses magic to attack players. There are six types:

Goblin Sorcerer Fire Imp Dark Caster Tim Demon Voodoo Demon


NPC 29 Npc 24 Npc 32 Tim Terraria Demon Terraria Voodoo Demon

1The only difference between Voodoo Demons and Demons is that the former carries a Guide Voodoo Doll and lacks the blue arm and ankle braces Demons wear, while they instead have claws on their feet.


Humanoid Mages

Goblin Sorcerers, Fire Imps, Dark Casters, and Tim attack with their own versions of a magic sphere spell (Imps: Burning Sphere, Dark Caster: Water Sphere, Goblin Sorcerer and Tim: Chaos Ball) which goes through walls, but can be destroyed by any attack from the player. They will cast this spell three times or until they take damage (whichever comes first) and then, after a short delay, they will teleport to a different location to repeat this pattern.


Demons and Voodoo Demons use the flying monster AI (same as Bats and Harpies) with the exception of using the Demon Scythe spell, which is cast up to four times in a row when they have a direct line of fire on the player. Like the version obtainable by the player, this version of Demon Scythe cannot go through foreground tiles, is destroyed upon hitting said tiles, and cannot be destroyed by attacks. Another type of demon exists in the Console Version, the Arch Demon.


Humanoid Mages

It is best to make use of the fact that this type of mage cannot take any action when they are in the process of taking damage by attacking them continuously with a fast weapon, effectively "stunlocking" them. Some recommendations are the Muramasa, Light's Bane, Excalibur, Phoenix Blaster, Vilethorn, or the Minishark.


Unlike against other mages, taking cover while fighting Demons is a viable option. If you are forced to fight them in the open, it is a good idea to move continuously while attacking with a ranged weapon. Incidentally, the Demon Scythe dropped by regular Demons is a good choice for this type of mage.

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