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Item 498
Type Item
Sub-Type Furniture
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 999
Quality Tier 0
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 20 Wood
Crafted At Sawmill

The Mannequin is a placeable object, made of wood, that allows the player to place and display armor sets or vanity items on it. This can be used either for storage or for decoration. It is crafted at a Sawmill for 20 wood. As of 1.2, mannequins can be placed on platforms.

Mannequin HERO's Outfit Terraria HERO02:22

Mannequin HERO's Outfit Terraria HERO

To place armor on a mannequin, the mannequin must be placed in the world. Then, with your inventory open, select the armor piece you desire and click on the mannequin with that piece selected.


  • You cannot place clothing on a Mannequin with Autopause on, unless you put the clothing in your hotbar beforehand.
  • Accessories can not be displayed on mannequins.
  • The armor on the mannequin always shows the male version of the armor.
  • The female version of the Mannequin is called the Womannequin.


  • A bug discovered on multiplayer, if person A places an armor piece on a Mannequin, and then has person B beat it down from the Mannequin, person A loots 2 of the placed item.
  • When placing an extensive number of dressed mannequins in a small area in multiplayer (five rows of 30 each when tested), some of them can appear to disappear after leaving the area and returning, or reloading the world. Placing a new mannequin in the empty space where one was will cause the mannequin and -most- of the clothes/armor to drop as items. Starting the world in singleplayer can cause them to reappear intact, but playing in multiplayer again can sometimes make the bug recur, even when hosting the server locally.
  • On mobile, when the leg piece is placed on the mannequin, it becomes invisible, but you will still be able to take it off.

The disappearing mannequin bug

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

Items Requiring Wood
Ammo Wooden Arrow
Blocks Wood Wall · Wood Platform · Planked Wall · Wooden Beam
Crafting Stations Alchemy Station · Work Bench · Furnace · Loom · Keg · Cooking Pot · Sawmill
Furniture Barrel · Bed · Bench · Bookcase · Wooden Chair · Chest · Dresser · Grandfather Clock · Torch · Mannequin · Piano · Sign · Tiki Torch · Wooden Door · Wooden Table
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Weapons Wooden Sword · Wooden Bow
Consumables Goblin Battle Standard

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