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Item 3063(0)   Item 3063
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Broadsword
Damage? 200 Damagetype melee
Velocity (?) 12
Use Time 16 (Very Fast)
Knockback 6.5 (Strong)
Highest Prefix? Legendary
Quality Tier 10
Dropped By Moon Lord
Drop Rate 11.11% (1:9)
Sell Value 20 GoldCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Meowmere is the weapon with the highest base damage in the game. When used, it fires a Nyan Cat-esque projectile in an arcing trajectory. It bounces four times before disappearing. The Moon Lord has an 11.11% chance to drop this.


Redigit first mentioned a Meowmere as being a sword that makes cat sounds when swung, in a possibly joking manner. Cenx later confirmed that the item was indeed planned for 1.3.


  • The projectiles fired when using this weapon seem to be inspired by the Nyan Cat internet meme.
  • the Fired Nyan Cat will ricochet 5 times, each time creating a explosion deadlier than the last one.
  • The base design of the sword is reminiscent of the Palladium Sword.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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