The Meteor Head is a flying enemy that spawns only in the Meteor Biome. They often spawn in small groups around the Meteorite and will continue to spawn as long as over 50 blocks of Meteorite Ore are still intact. The easiest way to quickly stop Meteor Heads from spawning is to destroy the Meteorite Ore with Bombs or Dynamite.

The alternative way is to use a pickaxe for mining and fighting at the same time. Keep the meteor heads all on one side, face them, then start mining. The meteor heads will be struck by your pickaxe, while you're mining the Meteorite Ore. This can be done by identifying which side they are coming from, then jumping over the ones coming the other way. Another option is to play multiplayer mode and mine the Meteorite while another player attacks the meteor heads. Without using these methods mining meteorite can be very hard without good gear.


  • Meteor heads are similar to Burrowing Monsters in that they can move through any block and are unhindered by water, lava, or hellstone.
  • Meteor Heads have the third highest attack damage of all monsters in pre-hardmode, along with the Eater of Worlds (Head). They are only topped by the Wall of Flesh (50) and of course, Dungeon Guardian (1000) in attack damage.
  • Due to the Meteor Heads' low health, they can be easily killed with higher-tier weapons, as well as farmed with a well-placed volley of Dart Traps.
  • An effective early-game weapon to use against Meteor Heads is the Vilethorn, because the weapon is unhindered by blocks.
  • In Multiplayer, Meteor Heads appear to spawn when one player is in the Meteorite Biome, affecting other players nearby.
    • They also seem to teleport to the player who hit them; this is a client-side bug.
  • They seem to have a lower spawn rate when you are in a Meteor Biome which has landed in or next to the Ocean. This may be because, although they can travel through water, they perhaps won't spawn in it, therefore having the meteor near or in water reduces the number of directions Meteor Heads can come from.


  • When you die while in a Meteorite Biome, there is a chance that a Meteor Head spawns above you when you respawn.
  • If a meteor head is on screen, and you click out of the game, a particle left behind by it may gradually grow in size.

Update Info




  • Health decreased from 50 to 26.
  • Defense decreased from 10 to 6.
  • Damage increased from 25 to 40.
  • Reduced speed.
  • No longer spins with knockback.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

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