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v402 / 403 / 404Milkyway Weaver
Low Budget Wyvern
Type Monster
HP 1200 Heart
Attack 80
Spawn Time Celestial Event
Spawn Area Surface
Banner(?) Milkyway Weaver Banner

Milkyway Weavers are flying worm-like enemies after defeating the Lunatic Cultist, near the Stardust Pillar. They are pretty much same as Crawltipedes, they will only target airborne players. Their body and tail are completely immune to damage, only head takes damage from hits.


Milkyway Weavers do not travel as fast as the Crawltipedes, nor are they as large, so it is far safer to deal with these air-superiority units while in flight than it is to deal with a Crawltipede.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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