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v2340Minecart Track
Item 2343   Item 2340
Type Item
Sub-Type Material
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 999
Quality Tier 0
Tooltip Hammer end piece to change bumper style
Hammer intersections to change direction
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With Makes 50
1 Wood
1 Iron Bar or Lead Bar
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Lead Anvil
Material In Pressure Plate Track

Minecart Track is a transportation block much like Rope for horizontal movement.


Minecart tracks are placed in the Furniture layer, the same layer as Chain, Torches, Platforms and so on. They have a +5 placement range. Crafting track is extremely efficient, granting 50 pieces for only 2 common resources. Track does take up one full square and the cart with character will take up 3 tall, requiring a minimum of 4 blocks of space for use of a track.

Initial placement will yield a "stop" piece on ends of track and hammering will alter the end piece to either a "bumper" or rail "drop".

  • A stop piece will cause a cart to come to an abrupt halt.
  • A bumper piece will alter the direction of the cart without altering the cart speed.
  • A drop piece will allow the cart to fall off the track.

Hammering a non-end piece of track will not change the track unless another track is in an adjacent, diagonal cell, to which it will change which track is connected.

Other track pieces exist, such as the Pressure Plate Track for wiring mechanics, and Booster Tracks.

Minecart Tracks & Cart! - Terraria Guide 1.201:46

Minecart Tracks & Cart! - Terraria Guide 1.2.4 New Minecarts!? - GullofDoom-1

The Minecart

Minecarts are produced upon right clicking on a track, and the player is automatically placed inside. Acceleration in a cart is low, but top speed will bring a character to ~80% top character possible speed. (It is unknown whether a character's speed buffs affect minecart speeds.) The cart will hop when a character jumps, and will slow when a player attempts to go the opposite direction of current travel. The great benefit of a cart is its ability to keep moving along the track even when a player releases the controls.

To dismount or exit a minecart, left click with any item. Moving from a derailed cart will automatically remove the cart. Another easier way to exit a minecart is to cancel the "Riding in a Minecart" buff / status effect.

The cart can be derailed and hop off the track, but will not be able to move horizontally upon landing. It will still be able to hop while derailed. Any lateral movement while derailed will remove the cart.

Minecarts can deal substantial damage to monsters when traveling fast enough. A character is still vulnerable while in the cart and will take collision damage from monsters. If the monster is killed, the character does not take damage. The cart also does not protect a rider from fall damage except where the cart lands on rails. The cart does grant immunity to knockback.

Minecarts are able to trigger pressure plates and can get teleported. They can only move when placed on Minecart Track.

Since v.1.3 it is possible to craft Minecart at Iron Anvil (or Mythril Anvil) from: Any iron bar (15) + Any wood (10). Which (if equipped in Minecart slot) makes it possible to ride it and gives increased maximum speed (66mph vs 51mph of a stock minecart). Buffs like "Increased movement speed" from "swiftness potion" will not increase maximum minecart's speed (which can be verified with Stopwatch bought from Travelling Merchant).


  • When wearing armor that leaves an afterimage such as Shadow Armor (or Red's Armor) the minecart seems to also have an afterimage.
  • Grappling Hooks will grab tracks.
  • At the highest achievable velocity, running at a monster can do 60-80 damage.
  • Long stretches of track can be generated underground in the stone layer.


  • When summoning a mount while the cart isn't flat on the terrain (standing on a sloped rail), the character and mount will be sloped, to cancel the bug, the character can enter the Minecart again.
  • Sometimes, when right clicking a rail while breaking the same rail, a grappling hook will appear. This does not seem to effect the character.
  • If a minecart track is directly over a pool of lava and water is poured over, the water will dissapear and no obsidian will be formed.
  • Because of the lack of Dyes on the 3ds version, Minecarts and Minecart Tracks are in the 3DS Version of terraria. So far however, it is not craftable and it still cannot be found (If someone finds it for the North America Version, Delete this quote and put where it could/can be found)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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