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v Mini Minotaur
Mini Minotaur   Mini Minotaur (buff)
Type Monster
Sub Type Pet
HP N/A Heart
Summoned By Tartar Sauce

The Mini Minotaur pet is summoned by using Tartar Sauce. Tartar Sauce can be found in Iron Crates which are fished from any body of water. The easiest way to farm these crates is simply by fishing from the Oceans. Once used, it will summon a Mini-Minotaur.


  • The Minotaur's eyes glow yellow in the dark.
  • When attempting to catch up to the player, it appears to have a battle-axe spinning above its head like a propeller.
  • The pet "buff" message shows the Minotaur's face and states "How do you defeat a mini Minotaur?"


  • The Mini-Minotaur is a clear reference to Toby Turner (Tobuscus) and his song Mini-Minotaur.
  • Ironically, Tartar Sauce is the item used to summon the Mini-Minotaur, which is the "Mini-Minotaur's only weakness" in Toby's song.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
    Mini-Minotaur - Terraria 1.201:18

    Mini-Minotaur - Terraria 1.2.4 Guide New Pet! - GullofDoom

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