This guide is created for beginners who want to learn the basics of mining and some mining techniques. Mining in Terraria is a very huge part of the game and is what allows you to make your next few tiers of armor and weapons as you start the game.
Silver Ore on the Surface

Silver ore on the surface of a new world.

Getting Started

Once you've built your house it is recommended to explore the surface of your world for ores that are sticking out of the ground. This will get you an early start on your ore collection which you will use to build a new pickaxe to make your mining faster. You're going to want to have plenty of wood for platforms and torches as they are extremely helpful when mining.

Creating Your Mineshaft

Terraria mining cave to hellevator

Cave that connects to a Hellevator

The mining technique that I believe is most effective for beginner is building a Hellevator and placing wood platforms at the peak of your jump so that you can climb back up. An alternative method would be using ropes, thus eliminating the need for large quanities of wood, provided you have enough rope. As you create the shaft, look for caves in the earth with your torch. These caves can be huge with different paths or they can be just a small room. Either way check them thoroughly for ores and pots. Most likely when in these rooms or caves you will see another through the wall. If you cannot see another room try digging down or horizontally until you break into another room. As you explore you will find items that will increase your effectiveness items such as the Cloud in a Bottle, Magic Mirror along with any other magic items you desire. With this strategy you can effectively collect ores to create more pickaxes, weapons, and armor. When you reach the underworld, you can start "strip mining" by mining in one direction for a very long time. If you find caves, be sure to look for Gold Chests and such.


  • As you go deeper underground, make sure to upgrade your Armor for the tougher monsters you will face.
  • Making underground bases with Beds can help greatly if you are afraid of dying too far away from your spawn. They can also act as a convenient checkpoint if your cave branches out somewhere.
  • Most ores can be mined with your starter pickaxe but some ores such as Demonite Ore need a Gold Pickaxe. Focus on getting better mining gear so you can mine higher tier items!

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