Mana regeneration

This page pertains to the Toparia Mod. The items, NPCs, or features described in this article are from the Toparia Mod, and cannot be found in standard Terraria.

Combat Skills are abilities that can placed and activated in the 3 slots below your hotbar. They are made by collected six chapters of the skill and crafting it with a book. Level 50 skill books consist of only four chapters. Active skills placed in the skill slots can be used by clicking or by holding the control key on the keyboard with the according number key.

Level 20

Level 20 chapters are dropped by:

The Pages can be sold for 10 SilverCoin Small  each and the Books can be sold for 2 GoldCoin Small  each. They are of Quality 2.

Chapter Name Chapter Name
Thorns (Melee) Invisibility (Thrown)
Attackers take damage.
Lasts 180 seconds
Makes you invisible. Lasts 180 seconds.
/(Does not work against monsters but does allow invisibility in PvP while wearing armor)
I Retaliation and riposte I Shadow Walking
II Pain and damage II Present yet unseen
III The reciprocal principle III Hidden in plain sight
IV Non-mirror reflection IV Nooks and crannies
V Biological transfer V Soundless movement
VI Avoiding feedback VI Disguises and camouflage
Power Shot (Ranged) Shining Body (Magic)
Arrows and bullets fired at double speed.
Lasts 180 seconds.
Provides illumination.
Lasts 300 seconds.
I Muscle building for marksmen I Qi and inner energy
II Maximising flight velocity II Phosphorescent skin
III Powerful techniques III Torchless light
IV Striking hard and true IV Dungeon illumination
V Increasing projectile power V Glowing from within
VI Supercharging bows and guns VI Twilight glimmer

Level 30

Level 30 chapters are dropped by:

The Pages can be sold for 40 SilverCoin Small  each and the Books can be sold for 5 GoldCoin Small  each. They are of Quality 3.

Chapter Name Chapter Name
Beserk (Melee) Water Walking (Thrown)
Increases melee damage but lowers defense.
Lasts 180 seconds.
Allows water and lava walking.
Lasts 180 seconds.
I The Barbarian Highlands I Light feet
II Inner fire II Viscosity and tension
III Red mist III Sink, swim, run
IV The thick of battle IV Dry toes
V Hewing and cleaving V Surface skimming
VI Through enemy ranks VI Lava thermals
Create Ammo (Ranged) Amplify Damage (Magic)
Creates ammo at reduced/no cost.
Lasts 180 seconds.
Increases damage dealt and received.
Lasts 60 seconds.
I Fletching I Energy focusing
II Arrowheads and bolts II The enemy's achilles heel
III Foraging III More bang from mana
IV Sharpening points IV The best defense is a good offense
V Piercing ammunition V The knockout punch
VI Exotic metals VI The Glass Cannon

Level 50

Level 50 chapters are dropped by:

The Pages can be sold for 2 GoldCoin Small  each and the Books can be sold for 1 PlatinumCoin Small  each. They are of Quality 5.

Chapter Name Chapter Name
Warrior Spirit (Melee) Quick Throw (Thrown)
Increases melee damage, speed, and criticals.
Lasts 180 seconds.
Throw 2 projectiles at once.
Lasts 180 seconds.
I Legends and Heroes I Hiroshimo the Kid
II Olympian battle techniques II Lightning hands
III Spartan resolve III Supple wrists
IV Your inner Hercules IV Ninja targetting
Preserve Ammo (Ranged) Heal (Magic)
Greatly reduces ammo loss chance.
Lasts 180 seconds.
Allows faster healing without potions.
Lasts 20 second.
I Repair, reuse, recycle I Healing and herbalism
II Techniques for low breakage II Suturing and cauterizing
III Tracking bullet paths III Broken bones
IV Stray bolts IV Internal injuries