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For the standard game changelog, see Version History.

This page provides information regarding releases and patches to the Obsidian Mod.

V1.2 Update

January 2, 2013

  • Parallel World:
    • The Archeologist now spawns properly.
    • Fossil Boomerang durability added.
    • Fossil Spear code fixed (now durability should works fine).
    • Fossil armor durability bug fixed.
    • Fossil Pickaxe durability fixed.
    • Durability now appears in the tooltips. (but is subject to change, what do you think?)
    • Minor code clean-up.
    • Time Portal sprite fixed
  • Custom Bosses:
    • Cave Harpy now drops Cave Harpy Feathers as they should.

V1.1a Update

December 27, 2012

  • Parallel world:
    • Fossil Pickaxe now autoswings.
    • Dinosaur Suit now properly works when worn on vanity slots.
  • Boomerangs:
    • Golden Boomerang damage increased from 15 to 17.
    • Shadow/Meteor Boomerangs damage increased from 18 o 19.
  • Rain:
    • Optimised code now implemented using X'o'Lore one.
  • Ice:
    • The game no longer crash when you kill a Yeti.
  • General:
    • For those who wanted to play with old Obsidian Mod Worlds and had the "Omnir NPC" bug that crashed their games, HEREis a fix. Just install it like a normal mod.
    • Fatal error when using a custom weapon should be fixed.
    • Fixed the insanely high rain chance. (forgotten debugging feature...)


April 24, 2012
  • Indestructible Ice bug fixed.


April 15, 2012


March 16, 2012
  • Multiple bugfixes, including recipe errors.
    • Pets are now functional.
  • Rain feature added.
  • Auras completely redone.
    • Now act like pets.
    • New sprites.
  • Parallel World feature added.


February 27, 2012


February 25, 2012


February 18, 2012

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