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Type Map Builder
Author(s) Berserker66
Version v13
Works With tConfig 0.22.7+
Terraria 1.1.2
Download 32-Bit
Release Terraria Online
Omnitool is a program with an array of useful map building features. In addition to containing many world generators, Omnitool is fully compatible with TerraFirma, tConfig, tEdit, and Game Launcher.

Additional Features

  • Makes backups of world maps upon launch
  • Fully integrated with world generators Planetoids, Terra, Worldify, Flatworld, and PVP Dungeon Arena


  • Download and install the version for your copy of Windows.
            Optional; Integrates Program Features
    • Drag and drop the TerraFirma executable onto omnitool.exe.
    • Drag and drop the tEdit executable onto omnitool.exe.
Omnitool worlds

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