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This page pertains to the Obsidian Mod. The items, NPCs, or features described in this article are from the Obsidian Mod, and cannot be found in standard Terraria.

 This information pertains to the pre-v1.0 Obsidian Mod. Its contents are outdated and do not
to versions 1.0 and newer.
The Reinforced Magic Bow is a bow-like Spell that summons a volley of magical projectiles upon striking any surface, including Monsters.

The projectiles fired by the weapon itself do not require Arrows for ammunition; the weapon consumes Mana instead. The number of magical "arrows" summoned varies from shot to shot, but thirteen or fourteen are most commonly seen. Summoned projectiles can pass through surfaces and monsters. The damage dealt by a summoned projectile is around the same as the weapon's attack damage, and as such is affected by damage modifiers.

Compared to the Magic Bow

  • Unlike the Magic Bow, the projectiles summoned by the Reinforced Magic Bow can penetrate surfaces and enemies.
  • The projectiles are also distinctly flaming, as a Flaming Arrow, a trait not possessed by the Magic Bow.
  • The speed of the Reinforced Magic Bow is higher than that of the standard Magic Bow.
  • The Reinforced Magic Bow fires continuously.