TerrariViewer allows you to edit almost any character or inventory aspect in the game. The following changes are feasible using TerrariViewer:

Player Appearance Player Stats Inventory
Hair Color Name Armor
Skin Color Gender Accessories
Shirt Color Health Player Inventory
Pants Color Mana Piggy Bank Contents
Shoe Color Buffs Safe Contents
Undershirt Color


  • TerrariViewer is able to stack items to a maximum of 999.
  • Some servers will detect 999 stacks and won't let you play unless you put them back to normal.

Program Use

  • There is no installation required. Simply download the executable and run it.
  • In the program, navigate to File>Open. Navigate to your account's Documents folder. From there, go to My Games\Terraria\Players. TerrariViewer can open any .plr file.