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Mana regeneration

This page pertains to the Toparia Mod. The items, NPCs, or features described in this article are from the Toparia Mod, and cannot be found in standard Terraria.


  • Max health and mana affected by class
  • Starting health affected by class gives you unlimited health
  • Health and mana increase with level rather than crystals
  • Removed life crystals and mana crystals from world gen and recipes
  • Build distance increases with craft level 30, 40 and 50
  • Update all NPC spawn rules
  • Add the rest of the NPCs
  • New NPC character names actually save properly
  • Added training dummy and range target
  • Improved quality of housing messages
  • Rebalanced XP gains and higher level monster levels
  • Rebalanced crafting and alchemy levels
  • Made game events triggered by character level instead of health
  • Converted native image format from .xnb to .png
  • Added world difficulty levels, affecting monster health, damage and spawn rate
  • Increased max character saves to 8
  • Fixed burning death bug
  • Fixed stone pickaxe reach bug
  • Added chandeliers from the new hardmode ores
  • Added silver, copper and hardmode candles
  • Added silver, copper and hardmode candelabras
  • Added hellfire arrow recipe, and change arrows from 1+1 = 5 to 10+10 = 50
  • Added a collection of hardmode throwing weapons
  • Added action skills (purchaseable from the trainer)
  • Added a hotbar that only accepts action skills
  • Make the hotbar appear when not in inventory mode
  • Make the action skills activatable by clicking or hotkeys
  • Make the action buffs deactivate when taken out of the slot
  • Made crafting prefix calculations based on crafting skill levels
  • Rebalanced item values
  • Increased item stack to 250 for stackable items
  • Added StepUp
  • Fixed projectile XP bug
  • Fixed flipper prefix bug
  • Added craft XP and level to all uncraftable reforgables
  • Fixed remaining StepUp glitches
  • Redesigned defense calculations
  • Updated monster damage to fit new defense calculations
  • Fixed Accessory prefix display, and combine with main prefix code
  • Added new prefix types, and provide support for armour prefixes
  • Added new armour prefixes and expand existing prefix set
  • Slightly nerfed auto-thrown throwing weapons and poison recipes
  • Goblin invasion now only 2% chance when in hard mode
  • Shadow armour now gives thrown bonuses, tweaked normal mode armours
  • Mediumcore characters lose 25% exp, 25% of items destroyed (the rest drops)
  • Player difficulty is now "style": Hack 'n' Slash, Challenge and Roguelike
  • Made night owl potions more effective
  • The player now loads where they saved rather than back at spawn point
  • Fixed piggy bank, safe, shop and reforge GUI display
  • Made sure only prefixable items can be reforged
  • StepUp now makes an exception for platforms
  • Separate ranged and thrown prefixes properly
  • Fixed bug where medium core was losing 75% of XP instead of 25%
  • Separated skills into passive and active
  • Added new book items and sprites
  • Created recipes for the passive skills
  • Made sure all books appear in the trainer shop
  • Made Eye of Cthulhu only turn up from summoning
  • Completely re-wrote the guide's help text fuction
  • Replaced StepUp with HopAlong
  • Fixed passive magic skill bug that led to disappearing health
  • Fixed GPS display
  • Fixed putting books in passive skill slot crashing the game
  • Fix remaining passive skill HP and Mana bugs
  • Fixed multiple quick reforges bug
  • Fixed chainsaw and drill reforging
  • Fixed reforge XP bug
  • Added active combat skills
  • Added drops / finds / recipes for active combat skills


  • Night's Edge now crafted in the Tinkerer's workshop
  • Watches and depth meters now crafted at a workbench
  • Added stone axes and stone pickaxes
  • Starting kit is now a wooden sword, a stone pickaxe and a stone axe
  • Adjusted wooden boomerang recipe to be made at a workbench
  • Added thrown projectile speed modifier
  • Added a build number to each player and world save to make converting to future versions manageable
  • Updated archery potions to precision potions
  • Changed precision potions to increase damage by 20% and critical chance by 10%
  • Added a ninja emblem, and make it spawn from WoF death
  • Added flaming knives
  • Added overall character levels, which are used to adjust move speed
  • Added 12 classes, with XP penalties and level caps
  • Added goo staff and shining goo staff as craftable magic items, firing goo balls and shining goo balls respectively


  • Updated life crystals to only add 10 life
  • Separated out ranged and thrown weapons - currently all bonuses apply to both
  • Decreased default base damage to 60% for all types
  • Decreased default melee speed to 80%
  • Increased default mana cost to 140%
  • Decreased projectile speed to 60%
  • Decreased default critical hit values to 2%
  • Added variables to hold character levels and xp for all skills
  • Added monster levels for each monster, used for calculating XP gains
  • Damage and speed (and mana cost) all improve with level
  • Updated the Night's Edge recipe to use the tinkerer's workshop
  • The nurse now arrives with anything over 100 health, rather than 120+
  • Characters now start with 20 mana
  • Made shurikens and throwing daggers craftable with iron or silver at the anvil
  • Made wooden boomerangs craftable at the sawmill
  • Increased the damage of poisoned daggers and the enchanted boomerang
  • Made all daggers pierce 2 enemies
  • Get crafting and alchemy skill levels incrementing
  • Sort potion cooldown and buff length