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This page pertains to the Obsidian Mod. The items, NPCs, or features described in this article are from the Obsidian Mod, and cannot be found in standard Terraria.

 This information pertains to the pre-v1.0 Obsidian Mod. Its contents are outdated and do not
to versions 1.0 and newer.
v Torch Arrow
Torch Arrow
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Arrow
Damage? 5
Inflicts On Fire!
Max Stack 99
Quality Tier 0
Sell Value 10 CopperCoin Small
Crafted With 3 Torches
1 Wooden Arrow
Crafted At Workbench

The Torch Arrow is an arrow fired only by the Torch Launcher. It sticks to solid surfaces and gives off a generous amount of light. Unlike a Torch, the Torch Arrow gives off white light, instead of orange. The light given off is also brighter and has a larger range.

Terraria Obsidian Mod — Torch Launcher And Torch Arrow!02:04

Terraria Obsidian Mod — Torch Launcher And Torch Arrow!