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v861Moon Shell
Item 861
Type Accessory
Body Slot Accessory Slot
Quality Tier 6
Tooltip Turns the holder into a werewolf at night and a merfolk when entering water
Sell Value 10 GoldCoin Small
Crafted With 1 Moon Charm
1 Neptune's Shell
Crafted At Tinkerer's Workshop
Material In Celestial Shell

The Moon Shell is an equipable crafted accessory item which turns the holder into a Werewolf at night and a Merfolk when entering water. The Merfolk aspect takes priority over the Werewolf aspect - e.g. if the player enters water at night, they will turn into a Merfolk until they exit the water.

Moon Shell Transformation Accessory, Terraria 1 2, Terraria HERO, Terraria wiki01:11

Moon Shell Transformation Accessory, Terraria 1 2, Terraria HERO, Terraria wiki


  • Wearing a Fish Bowl will not transform the player into Merfolk.
  • The transformation overrides armor.
  • Using dyes will change the head, body and feet of the Werewolf/Merfolk.
  • If the player is in either form while using an invisibility potion, they will be totally invisible.

Update Info


  • Now you can hide the transformation while keeping the bonuses, or put it in the vanity slots.


  • Became an ingredient in the Celestial Shell.


  • Added to the game.

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