Movement Speed is a standard stat of all characters (both player and NPC) determining horizontal rate of movement. It can be increased by Armors, certain Accessories, Potions, accessory Modifiers, and Asphalt Blocks. It can be impeded by Debuffs from monsters and Honey Blocks. As there is some momentum in the game, faster movement speed does increase horizontal jump distance.

Movement speed in no way affects vertical flight or falling.

Movement Speed Mechanics

When holding a horizontal directional button on typical, level ground with no modifiers, a player will accelerate rapidly and reach a maximum speed of 15 mph after about 1 second.

Numerous game effects can increase or decrease the player's movement speed, but regardless of all bonuses, regular ("walking") speed cannot exceed 24 mph (equal to a +60% bonus)[1].


Various "Boots" accessories, such as the Hermes Boots, allow the player to "run". With boots equipped, a player will accelerate normally up to their normal "walking" top speed, and then accelerate more slowly up to a higher "running" speed.

Movement speed buffs affect only the player's "walking" speed; the maximum "running" speed is determined only by the type of boots equipped. Thus, while equipped with boots, movement speed buffs only affect the player's acceleration, NOT their top speed.

Boots Top Speed
Hermes Boots 30 mph
Sailfish Boots 30 mph
Flurry Boots ???
Spectre Boots 30 mph
Lightning Boots 34 mph
Frostspark Boots 34 mph

When equipped with multiple kinds of boots, it appears the slowest running speed applies.


Wings have their own "running" speed (depending on the type of wings). While airborne, the player's horizontal movement speed is capped by the higher of their wing speed or boot speed (though their total speed can be much higher while ascending or descending diagonally).

This means that a player using high-quality wings but no boots may be able to attain dramatically higher speeds while flying than while running along the ground, but equipping boots will never reduce your flight speed and may increase it.


Mounts appear to override the player's normal movement abilities with their own. The Unicorn Mount can achieve the fastest movement speed there is when at full speed.

Movement Speed Bonuses


Any accessory can raise movement speed 1-4% from a prefix. In addition, these accessories improve movement speed even without a prefix:




Movement Speed Debuffs

(all nullified by running)

  • Chilled -50%
  • Slow -50%
  • Weak -50%
  • Burning -50%
  • Honey Blocks (unknown)