Dual Mining

Dual Mining (aka: Bro Mining or Power Mining) is a quick, effective way of mining straight down that requires at least 2 people.

One player mines on the left side of the pair's feet, while the other mines on the right. This can speed up the rate at which the players descend, but this speed can create issues.

Falling into a pit or lava pool may result in an instant death without fast reflexes and getting out can be tricky without Wood Platforms, a Grappling Hook or a Lucky Horseshoe. Players may also use water at the end of a tunnel to negate fall damage.

Light Issues

Considering the high speed of the mining process, lack of light sources can become an issue. To alleviate these problems there are a list of things that can be done.

  • Wear the Mining Helmet.
  • Carry a Torch via a third person or occasionally place them within the shaft.
  • Use the Orb of Light or a Fairy Bell.
  • Use the Molten Pickaxe, or a light-emitting weapon via a third person.
  • Drink a Shine Potion.
  • All Players present drink a Night Owl Potion.
  • Shoot a Flare at the ground under you; it will fall with you as you mine downward.
  • Equip a Magma Stone; this makes any melee weapon emit light.
  • Throw down a Glowstick, it will fall with you as you mine downward.

Further Issues

PvP must be off when using this technique, or the miners will end up hitting each other instead of the blocks.

Mining Trifecta

A variant of this technique is the Mining Trifecta (aka: Miner Three-Way or Horizontal Power Mining). It is basically the same thing, except there are three miners and they are constantly mining horizontally, instead of down. One takes the top block, one takes the middle block, and one takes the bottom block.

Boss Fight Tactic

If several players are going to slay a boss (such as Skeletron) they can all use certain high-speed weapons, which will quickly defeat a boss. Weapons such as the Starfury, Minishark, and alike is very good when fighting bosses as a group.

Crossed Streams

Not just high-speed weapons work effectively; using early-game staves with multiple people spamming them allows for a really quick and easy EoC kill. This will also work with Shurikens and Bows, where you can just pick up eachothers' used arrows.

Also, the boss will not flee the battle as long as at least one of the players is still alive, meaning that the players can manage to keep the fight going unless all of them are killed at the same time.