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Item 155o   Item 155
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Broadsword
Damage (?) 18 Damagetype melee
Use Time 19 (Very Fast)
Knockback 1 (Extremely Weak)
Quality Tier 2 (Mint)
Found In Dungeon Chests
Sell Value 54 SilverCoin Small 
Continuous Attack Yes
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Night's Edge
The Muramasa is a blue-bladed weapon with a very fast attack speed (the highest speed of all swords pre-hardmode). The Muramasa can be swung continuously by holding down the attack key. It also emits a faint amount of blue light upon being swung, much like a Blue Torch. This sword cannot be crafted and can only be found inside the Dungeon. It emits a humming sound when swung.


  • The Muramasa was the fastest sword in the game, but since the 1.2 update, there are new swords introduced that are faster than the Muramasa, making it the 4th fastest sword in the game.
  • In Pre-hardmode, it is one of the best swords next to the Blade of Grass and Night's Edge.
  • Due to its high speed, it can be a useful weapon even in Hardmode, but it is advised to use hardmode swords such as the Breaker Blade or Cobalt Sword instead once they are available.
  • The Muramasa is the fastest and only sword that can swing continously before entering Hardmode (excluding the Bladed Glove).
  • The Muramasa is highly effective against enemies in the Dungeon because of the large number of enemies in the dungeon it can easily kill because of its fast speed.
  • Blue Moon has the same blue particle effect.
  • With Violent Accessories (Feral Claws, Power Glove, Mechanical Glove, Fire Gauntlet and Celestial Stone) and Hallowed Armor equipped (with mask), its speed is incredibly fast.
  • Movement is unneccesary against the Eater of Worlds by swinging this sword and having an accessory that nullifies knockback (such as the Cobalt Shield).


  • Muramasa is a reference to the legendary Japanese sword smith, who made blades that were said to be cursed, inspiring bloodlust within those who wield them.
  • It may be a reference the game "Maramusa Demon Blade" in which almost all the characters fight using blades that are similar to this.

Update Info


  • Reduced damage from 22 to 18.
  • Reduced knockback from 3 to 1.
  • Became an ingredient in Night's Edge.


  • Introduced.

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