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v576Music Box
Music Box
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Mechanism
Body Slot Accessory Slot
Placeable Yes
(with song recorded)
Quality Tier 0
Purchase From Wizard
Purchase Value 10 GoldCoin Small
Sell Value 2 GoldCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Music Box is an item that can be used to record and play in-game music. To record music, equip the item and the music box will record whatever music is playing. To play music, equip the music box or place it and right click on it. Having two or more music boxes placed in a world may cause their sprites to become glitched, but they will still play music. They are sold by the Wizard NPC for 10 GoldCoin Small and can be controlled with Wires. The music box will record music even if the player is stationary. However on the Mobile version, the Music Box cannot be purchased.

As of 1.2.3, each music box has its own sprite.

Music Box Terraria HERO02:50

Music Box Terraria HERO


  1. Overworld Day theme (Record anytime while on the surface in the Purity during Day when Alt Overworld theme is not playing)
  2. Eerie theme (Record while on the surface during a Blood Moon, or in a Meteor biome)
  3. Night theme (Record anytime while on the surface during Night, except in The Corruption, The Crimson, the Surface Jungle, the Desert, or a surface Glowing Mushroom Biome)
  4. Underground theme (Record while in The Underground, when Alt Underground theme is not playing)
  5. Boss 1 theme (Record during the Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, SkeletronSkeletron Prime or Duke Fishron fights)
  6. Boss 2 theme (Record during the Wall of Flesh or The Twins fights)
  7. Boss 3 theme (Record during the Frost Legion invasion, or during the Destroyer or Brain of Cthulhu fights)
  8. Jungle theme (Record anytime while in the Surface Jungle or Underground Jungle)
  9. Corruption theme (Record anytime while in the Corruption)
  10. Underground Corruption theme (Record anytime while in the Underground Corruption)
  11. Hallow theme (Record during the day while in the Hallow)
  12. Underground Hallow theme (Record while in the Underground Hallow)
  13. Title theme (Crafted from the music boxes above)
  14. Alt Overworld Day theme (Record anytime while on the surface in the Purity during the Day when Overworld Day theme is not playing)
  15. Snow theme (Record during the day while in the Snow Biome)
  16. Crimson theme (Record anytime while in The Crimson)
  17. Dungeon theme (Record anytime while in the Dungeon)
  18. Eclipse theme (Record during a Solar Eclipse)
  19. Mushrooms theme (Record anytime while in a Glowing Mushroom Biome)
  20. Temple theme (Record anytime while in the Jungle Temple)
  21. Plantera theme (Record during the Plantera fight)
  22. Boss 4 theme (Record during the Golem and Lunatic Cultist fights)
  23. Boss 5 theme (Record during the Queen Bee fight (Console: Record during the Ocram or Eye of Cthulhu fights)
  24. Desert theme (Record anytime while in the Desert)
  25. Ocean theme (Record during the day while in the Ocean Biome)
  26. Ice theme (Record while underground beneath the Snow Biome)
  27. Space theme (Record anytime while Outer Space)
  28. Rain theme (Record anytime while on the surface during Rain)
  29. Pumpkin Moon theme (Record during Pumpkin Moon fight)
  30. Alt Underground theme (Record while in The Underground, when Underground theme is not playing.)
  31. Frost Moon theme (Record during the Frost Moon fight)
  32. Underground Crimson theme (Record anytime while in the Underground Crimson)
  33. Martian Madness theme (Record while the Martian Madness event is Active)
  34. Goblin Invasion theme (Record while the Goblin Army event is Active)
  35. Underworld theme (Record anytime while in the Underworld)
  36. Pirate Invasion theme (Record while the Pirate Invasion event is Active)
  37. The Towers theme (record when you are near one of the 4 Celestial Pillars [Solar, Stardust, Vortex, or Nebula])

Console-Exclusive Songs

  1. Tutorial theme (Crafted from all console-exclusive Music Boxes: Snow, Space, Ocean, Desert, and Boss 4)


  • To record music, a Music Box must be equipped as an accessory. If autopause is on, the inventory must be closed because music can't be recorded while the game is paused.
  • The Music Box (Title) currently holds the record for the most complex craftable item, requiring 12 materials.
  • If the game's volume is turned down to 0%, music played by Music Boxes can still be heard, though the music will play at a low volume.
  • Music played by Music Boxes can be used to "copy" music to another box. This includes copying music from one equipped Music Box to another, which can even result in a player having two of the same accessory equipped.
  • Music boxes cannot record music if the game volume is muted.


Box glitch

The Music Box duplication glitch

  • There is a glitch that causes music boxes to float in the air if the blocks it is standing on are removed.
  • After recording the Ocean theme, placing the Music Box, then destroying it, it will spawn a fully functioning Drax, but will destroy the Music Box.
  • Icon pc There is a bug which causes the note on the music box to be only partially lit, specifically the stem of the note. It is unknown what causes this to happen. This bug also causes the music box to be click repeatedly if the right mouse button is held down, with the cursor silently hanging over it.
  • Icon pc Equipping a music box will instantly record the music currently being played.
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 The music that plays during the Pumpkin Moon cannot be recorded.
  • Icon ps3 A placed Ocean Music Box will spawn a Cactus Sword when broken. It has also been reported to spawn a Drax (see above).
  • Sometimes when you buy it, it would not show up. (3DS Version)

Update Info


  • Changes textures as shown in gallery.


  • Added several new themes to be recorded.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Music Box to be duplicated when placed on Wood Platforms. (However, duplicates can still be created by placing on flat surface items such as the Wooden Table.)


  • Added to the game.


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